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How to update club sessions



Including Directors’ Rota

NOTE: At the start of the Competition Year, in September, the new Ladder will be set up in BridgeWebs (by setting up a new ‘Competition’).  This will automatically generate the Calendar of weekly Wednesday night duplicate sessions. These notes describe how to update the Calendar during the course of the year by updating the web page ‘Club sessions and times’.

1. Login to the Admin Area of Bridgewebs

  • Select ‘Administration’ in the main menu
  • Click on ‘Web Admin Login’ box
  • Enter the Club password xxxxxxxx in the second dialogue box.

2. To update the details of Club sessions and times

·         Select ‘Club sessions and times’ in the left hand menu

·         Select ‘Quick Update’ in the (second) horizontal menu

·         Click on the ‘Wednesday’ button

·         Scroll down the spreadsheet, select and update the appropriate cell

·         Select ‘Save’ in the (third) horizontal menu. IMPORTANT !!!

·         Select ‘List Calendar’ to review your editing

3.  Select ‘Log off’ at the top of the page to exit the Admin Area