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Club Protocols
Club Protocols

 Protocols to be followed before, during, and after play.

Before Play

1. On Club mornings play begins at 10.00 a.m. sharp.

  Please confirm in advance that your partner intends   coming.

2. Mobile phones should be turned off or placed on ‘silent’  before play begins.

3. Full names i.e. first name and surname are to be clearly  written on the list of players.

 During and After Play

1Players should, at all times, be courteous to their playing  partner, their opponentsand the Tournament Director.

2. Players should count cards before and after play.  

3. Bidding cards should be left on the table until the first  card is played.

4. The player at North is in charge of the table and is  responsible for ensuring,

   (a) that wallets/boards are received from and passed to the  correct tables

   (b) that players take the correct cards from the wallet or  board at the start of play,

   (c) that players return cards to the correct positions in the    wallet or board at the end of play,

   (d)  that points are entered accurately and clearly on the     score sheet. 

5. The players at E/W must ensure that the points entered on the score sheet by North are  correct.

6. Slow bidding or play should be avoided.  Games that are  not completed within the time allotted will be ‘averaged’  unless a minimum of 7 tricks have been played.

7. Any disputes arising during the course of play should  be referred to the Tournament Director for adjudication.

8. Wash and dry your cup before leaving the building.