Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Duplicate Lite & the Surrey Duplicate Bridge Club
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  Mike Foster..604-538-5121
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Executive & Volunteers
Executive Board and Major Volunteers

John Demeulemeester

Gold Lifemaster



Executive Board

Jane Youngberg

Gold Lifemaster


Vice Chairperson

Executive Board

Ed L'Heureux

Silver Lifemaster





Isabel Chernoff

Silver Lifemaster

Assistant Director

Jack Johnson

Bronze Lifemaster

Assistant Director


Bob Dillon

Assistant Director


Set up Supervisor


Rich Schmid

Assistant Director



Lynda Bowie

Events Committee


Ed Youngberg

Set up/Staging/MC



Gordon Scott

Executive Board

Ray Clemmons

Bronze Lifemaster

Executive Board


Mike Foster

No Internet Partnerships

Nancy Ruegg

Food Co-ordinator

Cory McCaig

Asst. Food Co-ordinator

Lauren Cockroft

Club Badges


Dick Baker

Parking Supervisor


Frank Vic

Asst. Parking Supervisor

Carroll Guichon 

Events Committee

Angela lay

Events Committee

Diana Juliuson

Events Committee


Don Nagy

Creator of this site


Audio-video tech

Active Member 2011- 2017

Retired Webmaster

Retired member