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February 2016 Newsletter

Hi Duplicate Lite enthusiasts


Trust that you are all managing to seize as many opportunities to play bridge during these early months of 2016.  And with this being a Leap Year, we get to enjoy February 29 as a bonus day! Regardless of whether you are traveling or minding the home front during these winter months, we hope that you are enjoying yourself and expanding your friendships through bridge.


Upcoming Spring Lesson Lineup
Our program on Wednesdays includes lessons for beginners and advancing players,  Please encourage your friends who may be interested in learning bridge to join our program for Beginning Bridge.  The flier with all the details is included

Beginning Bridge

This class will be an introduction to Bridge and will provide a foundation for the very beginning player. By the end of the 4 sessions, participants will know the basics of Bridge and will be able to enjoy a game. Learn the most modern approach recommended by the experts! No partner necessary. Open to all ages. Instructor: Ed and Jane Youngberg

Wednesdays April 13, 20, 27, May 4 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Declarer Play at No Trump

Improve your declarer play with Ed L'Heureux Wednesdays March 30 April 6, 13, 20, 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm

Defensive Play

Learn to communicate with your partner in order to win the optimum number of tricks! Defensive play is the fastest way to improve your results. Jane Youngberg will guide you through defensive strategies used by the experts  Wednesdays May 11, 18, 25 June 1 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm

Barbara Seagram returns to Harrison Hot Springs -  October 3-6, 2016
We are very pleased to announce that Barbara Seagram is returning to Harrison Hot Springs...this may be your last opportunity to attend one of Barbara’s great events here. Duplicate Lite players will have priority for the next few weeks...sign up now as this event will fill up fast and will be a sell-out!

Presentation: "How to replay the hands electronically"

Mike Foster will have a presentation ready to share with you at the Wednesday and Thursday games that will demonstrate how to replay the hands after each game. 





The involvement of so many volunteers in the activities of our Wednesday and Thursday clubs is remarkable and much appreciated. Don't miss out on the Harrison Retreat - get registered early! And no doubt, you will find the presentation by Mike Foster to be helpful.

Have a wonderful March.  Consider inviting your bridge playing friends to join us for the weekly games at Elgin Hall!  For your non playing bridge friends, encourage them to take the lessons.


John, Ed and Jane

January Newsletter

Hi Duplicate Lite Enthusiasts,

The amazing support for the club and the many contributing volunteers reflect the growth and popularity of bridge in our community. Attendance at our Duplicate Lite Thursday game remains very strong and this past week, we were almost at capacity with 29 tables. The Wednesday Bridge Club which features an Open section and a Beginning section is also growing with 24 total tables playing at the January 13 game.

Our reputation as a welcoming place to play duplicate bridge as well as to learn and make new friends continues to be re-enforced! We have new players join us almost every week and the feedback from them is that they had a positive experience! Thank you for helping create this friendly and encouraging culture.

The Wednesday Club afternoon game was introduced to provide a section for new players and to alleviate the crowding at the Thursday game. Hopefully as we continue to draw more players, we will have a strong case for more time and more lesson programs at Elgin Hall. Please stay tuned!


Improve your Declarer Play – Lessons

A reminder that Ed L'Heureux will be starting a set of 4 lessons on Declarer Play Wednesday January 20 at 4:15 after the Wednesday Game. Please see the attached flier for more information.

Parking (especially on Wednesday)

The parking lot was chaotic last Wednesday, please consider carpooling and parking in 4 rows in the main parking lot. We need a volunteer or two to help with the parking at noon on Wednesday. Please reply to this email if you could help. Dick Baker and Frank Vick have us well trained on Thursday but they are not available on Wednesdays.

Holiday Celebration Game - December 30, 2015

The Holiday Celebration Game on Wednesday, December 30 was a big success with over 112 players in attendance. We had a fun time with the napkin challenge and the glitzy and glamorous outfits! Don Nagy has the photos on our website! Don and Carroll Guichon won the prize for best dressed and the napkin challenge went to the team of Marlene Sumi, Marilyn Knipp, Robin Adams, and Noni Schmid. The “boys” dressed in bikinis and diapers were also great sports! Our Theme games bring a sense of fun and levity to the community of Duplicate Bridge. In our view, the additional costs are well worth the enjoyment!



Don Nagy has done an amazing job of building and maintaining our website. It is current and full of tips and information! Please visit the website when you need information!


Lauren Cockroft is accepting name tag orders for the next run which will be delivered to the February 10th & 11th games. ($8.00 and please indicate pin or magnet)

Renovation Update

The City has informed us that Elgin Hall will likely not be renovated this year but work will definitely be done in 2017. A decision was made to upgrade Sunnyside Hall first (due to a grant that must be used) and re-schedule the improvements at Elgin Hall to a later date.


We are off to a good start for 2016 and are looking forward to exciting possibilities for continued growth of Bridge in our community. Ask your bridge playing friends to join you at one of the Wednesday/Thursday game sessions; for your non bridge playing friends, encourage them to take part in our lesson programs. We will be offering more lessons in the Spring! See you at the table!




Jane Youngberg

December Newsletter

Hi Duplicate Lite Enthusiasts,


The busy holiday season is upon us and it is our sincere hope that this special time of year will bring you much joy and happiness with family and friends. May you also find time in your hectic schedule to enjoy a bridge game with friends at Duplicate Lite!


Here is an update on our activities over the holiday season:


Wednesday, December 23 - game time 12:30 pm at Elgin Hall.  Separate sections for both experienced and beginning players


Wednesday, December 30 - "Glamour and Glitz" Holiday Bridge Party at Elgin Hall  - game time is 12:30 pm.  Waiting list


Please note: Duplicate Lite closed on Thursday, December 24 and on Thursday, December  31


🎉Glamour and Glitz Holiday Bridge Party - Wednesday, December 30 12:30 pm-5:30 pm (approx) at  Elgin Hall🎉


The response to this exciting afternoon bridge game for Wednesday, December 30 has been excellent as we have "sold out" at this time.   However, it is our experience that the unexpected happens and cancellations do occur.  So we are starting a waiting list. Players of all abilities, including beginners, are most welcome if openings become available.   Please inform Ed L'Heureux or Jane Youngberg if you wish to be added to the waiting list.  The cost of this game is $10.00 per player.  And, extra Masterpoints will be awarded as the game is a "Charity" game in support of the Canadian Bridge Federation.  There will be 2 sections - open and newcomers.

Attire and Format:

Wearing something glitzy and glamorous is encouraged as we salute the approach of the new year- 2016!  There will be a special activity with prizes for the best table at the start of the event so please arrive 10 - 15 minutes early.  Of course, there will be prizes for the most creative and adventurous  outfits. 

Following the completion of the game at around 4:30 pm, refreshments and food will then be served. This "get together" time provides a wonderful opportunity for players to discuss the bridge hands, to circulate and to make new friends!


Parking will be tight so please consider car pooling. Drivers will be asked to park in four rows as requested by one of our volunteers.


Still wanting more Bridge on December 30?

After the refreshments and food, super keen players may also consider playing in the December 30th evening game at Sunnyside Hall 7:00 pm.


Duplicate Lite - new Website 
(Please add to your favorites bar)


We wish to inform all of our players and supporters that Duplicate Lite has made the change from Pianola to Bridgewebs  for our new website.  This has been done for two main reasons: cost and management efficiency. 

In order to access results starting in January, 2016, you will need to go to the website and click on the appropriate day.


😌Many thanks to Don Nagy for the many hours he has served as webmaster and for transferring our data and working with the team at Bridgewebs  to give us a first-class website 


Name Badges

Lauren Cockroft will be collecting orders in the new year. Cost of these very popular and attractive name badges for Duplicate Lite are $8.00.



Upcoming Lessons on Wednesdays during January and February/2016

Declarer Play will be the topic of a set of 4 lessons starting January 20 with Ed L'Heureux as our instructor. The lessons will be on Wednesday afternoons from

4:15 pm to approximately 5:30 pm. Cost is $10 per lesson

Please go to our website for details.


Contact information

Please let Jane, John and Ed  know if you change your contact information so as to ensure that you continue to receive our emails.


Have a wonderful holiday season! Best wishes for a terrific 2016!


John Demeulemeester, Ed L'Heureux, Jane Youngberg