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League teams 2018/19

The captains of the league teams for 2018/19 are: -

Dunfermline A - Bob Robertson

Dunfermline B - Christine Coutts

Diamonds - John Allen

Good luck to all our teams.

Looking for a partner?

If you are looking for a partner please contact Barbara Sandison on 01383 732237 or 07914 064882 by email at

Committee members 2018-19

The new committee members for 2018/19 are: -

President - John Allen

Vice President - Jane Carnegie

Secretary - Fiona McElhinney

Treasurer - Nicola Dean

Committee members -  Bob Thomson, Sue Smith, Helen Allan, Margaret Innes and David Dunn.

Thank you to all past committee members for your contributions for the benefit of the club and its members.  

Suggestions Wanted

We are seeking suggestions to improve the content of this site.  Thank you to all of you who have already provided suggestions.  They are very constructive and will be taken on board over the next few weeks.  Please continue to submit your ideas, they are most welcome.

Please send suggestions to Jane Carnegie by clicking this link.

Welcome to Dunfermline Bridge Club
The Club
The Club
Last updated : 17th Feb 2017 15:58 GMT
Grand Slam Rollover

At the 2017 AGM it was agreed that we would trial a Grand Slam Rollover competition.  The latest winners are David McGrouther & Rose Marie Wahlroos with 7NT on Monday 22 October.

Last updated : 25th Oct 2018 10:12 BST
League results
League results


The A team's lost their match on Wednesday 12 December against Nomads. Their next match is on Wednesday 9 January against Pied Pipers.

The B team had a losing draw on Wednesday 21 November against Kelso.  Their next match is on Wednesday 23 January against Gullane.

The Diamonds won their match on Wednesday 12 December against Berwick Bears. Their next match is on Tuesday 8 January against Ormiston.

Good luck to all our teams.


Last updated : 16th Dec 2018 12:28 GMT

To enable any errors to be corrected or results to be checked it is important that each pair leaves a scorecard at the end of play on every evening.  The committee has agreed that should it be necessary to check results and a vital scorecard is missing, any benefit of the doubt will be given to the pair who submitted a scorecard.  Additionally, a penalty may be imposed on the offending pair by the scorer.

Last updated : 20th Jun 2016 12:35 BST
Dunfermline Tuesday League

Congratulations to Catherine Graham, Sandy Greenhill, Nicola Dean, Fiona McElhinney & Derek Burns on winning the Dungermline Tuesday League.  Well done to Ian McRoberts, John Patrick, Irene Marshall & Sheila Pircairn on coming 2nd and Bill Bald, Ian Mollison, Gertrud Mallon, Sue Smith & Derek Burns on coming 3rd.  Derek will be in high demand next year.

SBU Celtic Sim Pairs

Congratulations to Barbara Sandison & Bob Robertson on being the highest ranked Dunfermline pair in the competition.  Barbara & Bob came 53rd.  Well done to Gill Simmons & Jane Carnegie on coming 62nd and Bill Bald & Christine Coutts on coming 68th.  There were 276 entries in total.

East District Swiss Pairs
East District Swiss Pairs

Congratulations to Agnes Munro & David Welsh on coming 5th, out of 46 pairs, in the East District Swiss Pairs on 18 November.  Agnes & David won the Silver prize, beating many Gold and other Silver pairs and it was a brilliant achievement.

Bridge Lessons 2018/19

Bridge lessons for the year 2018/19 started in September 2018 and entries are now closed.

A Tribute to Jim Dodds by Jane Carnegie

Jim was one of our most long-serving club members, having been a member for over 30 years.  Jim served on the committee for most of those years, with over 20 years as Treasurer.  In view of his long service and dedication to the club, Jim was awarded Honorary Life Membership in 2015.  Jim was an excellent bridge player and had a great instinct for when to overcall his opponents at the last moment.  You expect to play in 4 spades vulnerable and all of a sudden Jim drops a non-vulnerable 5 diamond bid on the table.  You know that 5 spades will go off and all you can do is double for penalties, getting a worse score in the process.  Jim won many trophies over the years, the latest being the 2017 Autumn Hat Night Trophy with Helen Todd.  Jim also played in the league for Dunfermline B team.  During my time as President, Jim was my go-to person when I needed to know something historical.  Jim was a great support to me and I will always be very grateful for that.  Yes Jim could be grumpy, can't we all, but his heart was always for the benefit of the club and its members and that should never be underestimated.

Special occasions
Special occasions

Do you know a club member who will be celebrating his or her 80th or 90th birthday soon?  If so, the committee would like to have a small celebration at the club.  If you know someone, or it might even be you, please let Helen Allan know the details.


The club's Master Points are now uploaded directly to the MEMPAD.  There are some paper Master Points in the cupboard for some players.  You should now submit your paper Master Points, after checking that there are no more in the cupboard, to the address on the MEMPAD webpage. You can find this by going to the SBU website and clicking on MEMPAD in the top right hand corner.  See the details below if you haven't already accessed MEMPAD.

You will need to register to be able to access your personal details.  The MEMPAD system can be accessed at or at  You can request a login to MEMPAD by clicking on the Contact SBU button and it will generate an email to the Master Point Secretary.  Complete the details required and ask for a login.
Christmas Hat Night
Director: Andrew Carnegie
Scorer: Jane Carnegie
Director: Andrew Carnegie
Scorer: Jane Carnegie
Director: I McR
Scorer: Jane Carnegie
Director: Bob Robertson
Scorer: Jane Carnegie
Director: Mike Rixon
Scorer: Jane Carnegie