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Welcome to Dundee Bridge Club

OK, so you open 1NT vulnerable, and those awful opponents Double. Partner is sitting with very few points thinking "Oh No, what can I do, we might go 3 down doubled for -800?"

Come along at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 2nd May and find the answer! It will only take 20 minutes, and if you wish, hopefully you do, you can attend that Wednesday evening’s pairs bridge session afterwards. There will be a stand-in so if you're without a partner, no problem. It would be helpful if you put your name on the list on the Board, but if you can't manage that, just come along and join in.

Last updated : 24th Apr 2018 12:53 BST
W F KERR Round 4 - 25th April 2018

Please note that the snow delayed 4th Round of the W F Kerr Trophy will now be held on Wednesday 25th April.

Last updated : 24th Apr 2018 09:39 BST

More ongoing improvements to the premises mean that catering will be reduced on WEDNESDAY as the kitchen is being tiled then (cancelled on  Friday last). Tea/Coffee and biscuits etc will be available as usual, but no hot food.

On Friday, 27th, the kitchen is being painted, so no catering, and advance warning for anyone with allergies to paint, who may need to steer clear for a few days.

Last updated : 24th Apr 2018 09:38 BST

Mondays: 2 - 4 pm.

Following the end of Monday classes, the new weekly bridge play and learn session being trialled at DBC is now on a Monday  from 2 pm to 4 pm. All current students at bridge classes and those who are within 12 months of leaving classes, who would like to get more play experience will be welcomed. The format, agreed by discussion with students, will be play 4 hands under club conditions, then pause to discuss bidding/play of those hands, then further 4 hands and so on. Hopefully this should help particlarly those who have little play experience to make sense of the lessons, and also help you to gradually remember what you have already learned. Come along and give it a try!

Thursdays: 10.00 - 12.00

Liz Hunter will be re-starting her summer Play and Coaching sessions. Continuation will depend on numbers.

Further training group supported play sessions on Thursday evenings will be announced as they come on stream, after Thursday evening lessons finish.

Please remember to always arrive 10 minutes before session start time.

Last updated : 17th Apr 2018 12:07 BST

Apologies from the Club for results not appearing online. They are pinned up in the clubhouse, but as we are currently having intermittent Internet access problems it is sometimes difficult to publish them to the website.

Engineers visit on Monday resulted in a more in depth survey of the premises and a decision to draw up a plan which would be more likely to deal with the age and requirements of the building structure and hopefully result in a satisfactory long term result.  Inevitably of course this means some further delay in getting the work done, and we are of course at the mercy of contractors re final dates. We will keep pushing and keep you posted. 

Last updated : 20th Mar 2018 20:33 GMT

Those who help us fund The Slam, by taking out advertisements in it and the Website, have now been updated. Please have a look at the list,  HERE, and in more detail in the tab on the left 'Support our Advertisers' and do remember to contact them when you are in need! Many thanks to all of them.

Last updated : 28th Feb 2018 10:25 GMT
FOR THOSE WHO'VE COMPLETED SOME CLASSES - Time to get in some practice?
  • THURSDAY MORNINGS, 10.00 am - 13.00.  (Arrive by 9.45 please) This session was set up specifically for those who are ready to try club duplicate bridge.  Now is the time for Improvers to come along and give it a try. Let the Tournament Director know when you arrive that you're dipping your toes in the water, and he or she will make sure you're looked after, and understand how it runs. Once you've been along a few times, the classses will hopefuly make more sense.

Alternatively if you can't make a Thursday morning, 

  • Friday afternoon session (1 pm to 4.30 pm) is equally friendly but quite a bit busier.
  • Wednesday afternoon session (1 pm to 4.30 pm) - also very friendly and not too busy but with a wider variety of players

Those who can't play during the day may try the

  • Tuesday evening session (7 pm to 10.30 pm) which is certainly much busier, and with a wider range of players, but will also welcome your attendance.

NB All of these sessions have a standby system in operation. That means you can arrive without a partner, and a partner will be made available to you. Make sure you tell your partner that you're new to club duplicate bridge, and want to play Basic Acol with a Weak No Trump. When booking in to any session, please do arrive at the latest, 15 mins before the start and do let the person on the desk know you have just come from classes and aren't very experienced, and someone will then ensure you are looked after.

Go on, don't let what you've learned go to waste - getting some playing practice sometimes makes it stick better than pouring over notes. 

Last updated : 14th Nov 2017 12:05 GMT

Email: Telephone: 01382 665699.Dundee Bridge Club is a Charity registered in Scotland No SC046937. Company Registration No: 23671 (Scotland). The Club is affiliated to Scottish Bridge Union and lies within its Central District. We have a membership of around 250.Our Objectives

  • To contribute to the health and social welfare of the local community through education and social interaction
  • To promote the development of bridge within the local community
  •  To provide recreational facilities for bridge and other related activities

Visitors are always made very welcome and every effort will be made to find a partner for you if required. Please refer to the Where and When page for further information of sessions and times.

Wednesday Afternoon
Director: Alice Cowieson
Altnabruach Trophy
Director: Tricia
Friday Afternoon
Director: M McG
Taylor Trophy
Director: Bob McPaul
Thursday Morning
Director: Tricia
Wed 25th Apr 2018
W F Kerr Round 4
7.00 pm
Thu 26th Apr 2018
Thursday Morning
10.00 am
Fri 27th Apr 2018
Friday Afternoon
1.00 pm
Fri 27th Apr 2018
Taylor Trophy
7.00 pm
Sun 29th Apr 2018
SBU Overseas Congress
Mon 30th Apr 2018
Terry & John Rosebowl