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This website is for the benefit of members of Dunboyne Bridge Club.  If you have any suggestions about the presentation or content, please contact us using the link in the 'Information' and 'Contact Us' menu options.
              Dunboyne Bridge Club                     Calendar of Events 2018/19
8th October Team of 4
5th November IBU Sim Pairs
3rd & 10th December Turkey Competition
7th January Start of New Year
21st January Club Dinner
4th February CBAI Sim Pairs
18th & 25th February President’s Prize
25th March & 1st April Club Pairs
29th April Spring Flowers
20th May Summer Party
27th May AGM
Welcome to Dunboyne Bridge Club
CBAI Simultaneous Pairs

Click the link below to see the results of Monday's CBAI Simultaneous Pairs


Dunboyne Bridge Club meets on Monday nights at 7.00 pm - play starts at 7.15 p.m. sharp  and finishes at 10.15 p.m. in the old National School in Dunboyne. At least one player from each pair should be seated by 7.10 p.m. to faciliate the Bridgemate Operator.

There are several major competitions during the year.  (See Calendar of Events.)  Please contact a member of the Committee if you require more information

Congratulations to Denis O'Shaughnessy on winning the President's Prize for 2019, very well done.  Congratulations also to all the prizewinners.  For those who did not feature 2020 could be your year.

Do's and Dont's
Do's and Dont's



The following was issued by the Mid-Leinster Region of the CBAI.

Do’s and Don’ts at Bridge

  1. A player may not correct partner’s mistaken explanation of a bid or signal.
  2. If partner hesitates before calling, a player must show that the action now chosen could not have been influenced by the hesitation.
  3. Your opponents are entitled to know of any partnership agreement you may have.
  4. A player may only ask for an explanation when it is their turn to call.
  5. Lead face down, but turn the card over before dummy is shown.
  6. Check your tricks.  Agree score.  Have contract and result entered before spoiling your won/lost cards.
  7. Do not accept the decision of opponents if a ruling is required.  The T.D. is responsible for all rulings.
  8. Players have a duty to ascertain how opponents communicate:
    Basic system – Acol or Precision or . . .
    Variations – strength of NT, 4 or 5 card majors, etc.
    Other – discards, leads, signals, etc.
  9. Bids above 3NT should not be alerted unless they occur on the first round of bidding.
  10. Defenders may ask one another about possible revokes.



Green tables
Blue tables
blue table
Presidents Prize
Presidents Prize
Presidents Prize - Combined Sessions
geeen table
blue table
Green Tables
Blue Tables
18th Mar 2019
Happy St Patrick’s 🍀 no bridge tonight
TD Green: Róisín O'Gorman
TD Blue: Olive Bradley
25th Mar 2019
Club Pairs
TD Green: Outside TD
TD Blue: Outside TD
1st Apr 2019
Club Pairs
TD Green: Outside TD
TD Blue: Outside TD
8th Apr 2019
Easter Egg Competition
TD Green: Bernard O'Byrne
TD Blue: Angela Harford
15th Apr 2019
TD Green: Bernard O'Byrne
TD Blue: Angela Harford
22nd Apr 2019
TD Green: Bernard O'Byrne
TD Blue: Angela Harford
29th Apr 2019
Spring Flowers
TD Green: Bernard O'Byrne
TD Blue: Angela Harford