Master Point Promotions

Well done to the following recent Masterpoint promotions

September 2018
Anne Hall to Advanced Master
August 2018
Chaz Cross to 5* Master
Liz Field and Jim Shore to District Master
Devizes Bridge School
Devizes Bridge School

Do you live in the Devizes area?

Would you like to learn how to play Bridge or do you know anyone who would?

Two new Bridge classes are starting in Devizes shortly.

Please click on 'Bridge Tuition' on the menu above for an overview of available courses. 

Devizes Bridge Club Library
Please click on the left tab to view a collection of Bridge books available to Club members. 
The collection is held by Pete Webb.  If there's a book you would like to borrow then please let him know, by email, phone or on Club Night and it will be brought along on the next available Club Night.  It will be appreciated if books are returned after a period of about three weeks.
Welcome to Devizes Bridge Club
Devizes at the Heart of Wiltshire
Devizes at the Heart of Wiltshire
British Autumn Sim Pairs - 03 October 2018

Well done to Anne and Peter B 121st nationally in a field of 733 pairs in 48 clubs with 57.45%

Also to Lucy and Chaz 173rd with 55.64% and Libby and Philip 235th with 54.17%

Bridge Teaching Courses in Devizes

Chaz and Lucy Cross will be starting Bridge Teaching Courses in Devizes in September.

They will be running two courses.
An EBU Bridge for All Beginners course.  This will be for absolute beginners and will be a more relaxed introduction to bridge.  
It is a 30 week course run over three terms.  

Click here for more information

A Fast-track bridge course.  This is an intensive, condensed course based and is suitable for anyone who has played bridge in the past and wants to refresh their knowledge or those who have played trick-taking card games and want to learn something new.  It is a 12 week course.

Click here for more information 

We would be grateful if you could kindly pass information about these courses on to anyone you know who may be interested.
The courses will be held in the Nursteed Centre in Devizes.
Club Information

We meet twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday evenings

On Wednesday we meet at St Andrews Church Hall (map) and on Friday at the Nursteed Centre (map)

At both venues we start at 7:00pm but please arrive by 6:45pm.  We finish around 10:30pm.

We are affiliated to The English Bridge Union through the Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association.

Boards are Duplimated and the hands and results can be seen on this website after play finishes.  Scoring is by BridgeMates and is displayed at the Club.

We have a break for tea, coffee and biscuits at mid-session.

We operate a Partnering System for members and visitors.  For further details please click on 'information'

Roll of Honour

League 3 Winners 2017/18

The Baker team (Robin and Ann Baker, Chaz and Lucy Cross, Peter Goldson and Ian Schofield) won League 3 and promotion back to League 2

WCBA Mixed Teams - 11 March 2018

Robin and Ann Baker with Chaz and Lucy Cross, third with 84VP's

WCBA Championship Pairs Final - 18 February 18

Philip Howard and Bob McMurray =3rd with 53.85% against 13 other pairs

Chairman's Cup 2018 

Libby Fairhead and Emma Scarisbrick with an adjusted score of 58.06% after handicaps applied.

WCBA Non Expert Pairs - 04 February 18

Mike Smith and Alistair Spence third with 59.23against 25 other Pairs

WCBA Mixed Pairs - 21 January 18

Anne Rogan and Pete Webb second with 58.13% against 24 other Pairs

Garden Cities Teams of Eight Qualifier - 07 January 18

The Team of Hugh Gross, Philip Bennett, Mark SheppardBob McMurray, Lucy and Chaz Cross, Anne Rogan and Pete Webb 

3rd against eight other top County Teams 

2017 Master Point Champions

1st Rosemary Fussell with 798 Master Points

2nd Philip Bennett with 775 Master Points

3rd David Cooke with 724 Master Points

Devizes Bridge Club Championships 2017

with an average of 61.35% (helped by Rosemary Fussell, Peter Goldson, Philip Bennett and Mike Mark SheppardCripp)

Teams Competition Winner 2017

Pete Webb

DBC Most Improved Player 2017 

John Holford 

WCBA Championship Pairs - 26 November 2017

Gerry McAinsh paired with Trowbridge player Ron King 2nd with a score of 55.25%

Non-Expert Teams of Four - 19 November 2017

Lucy Cross, Chaz Cross, Anne Rogan and Pete Webb 1st with 154 VP's,

WCBA Open Pairs - 08 October 2017

2nd - Peter Brunskill and John Hadfield with 57.75%

3rd - Anne Rogan and Pete Webb with 55.26%

EBED Simultaneous Pairs, 08 September 17

Philip Bennet and Hugh Gross, 1st nationally with a score of 67.40% (70.06%)

David Cooke and Bob McMurray, 2nd nationally with a score of 65.16% (63.89%)

2018 AGM   The Chairman's and Treasurer's Reports and the Income and Expenditure Final Account can be viewed under "Information"
What's on this week and Forthcoming Events
Every club night is Duplicate Pairs except as shown below.
Club Championships #7
Friday 19 October
Children in Need Sim Pairs
Friday 09 November
Teams #4
Friday 23 November
Club Championships #8
Wednesday 05 December
Christmas Party
Friday 07 December
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What's on this week and Forthcoming Events
Club Pairs
Nursteed Centre
Director: Chaz Cross
Scorer: Jim Shore
Club Pairs
St. Andrews
Director: Jim Shore
Scorer: Ken Walsby
British Autumn Sim Pairs
St. Andrews
Director: Peter Webb
Scorer: Rosemary Fussell
Club Pairs
Nursteed Centre
Director: Gerry McAinsh
Scorer: Lucy Cross
Club Pairs
St. Andrews
Director: Ken Walsby
Scorer: Lucy Cross
Club Pairs
Nursteed Centre
Director: Robin Baker
Scorer: Peter Webb
17th Oct 2018
Club Pairs
St. Andrews 7.00pm
Director: Anne Rogan
Scorer: Rosemary Fussell
19th Oct 2018
Club Championships #7
Nursteed Centre 7.00pm
Director: Robin Baker
Scorer: Ken Walsby
24th Oct 2018
Club Pairs
St. Andrews 7.00pm
Director: Peter Webb
Scorer: Robin Baker
26th Oct 2018
Club Pairs
Nursteed Centre 7.00pm
Director: Chaz Cross
Scorer: Lucy Cross