This Week's Director's Tip
At the end of the auction, whoever is on lead, must make their lead BEFORE entering the contract on their scorecard or into the BridgeMate.
Master Point Promotions

Well done to the following recent Masterpoint promotions

February 2019
Ian Schofield to Advanced Master
Mike Smith to Master
January 2019
Lucy Cross to 3* Premier Master
Devizes Bridge School
Devizes Bridge School

Do you live in the Devizes area?

Would you like to learn how to play Bridge or have you played Bridge or similar card games before and would like to improve?

A Fast-Track Bridge Course is starting on 26 February in Devizes.

Please click on 'Bridge Tuition' on the menu above for more details or to contact Chaz and Lucy Cross to discuss your requirements.

Devizes Bridge Club Library
Please click on the left tab to view a collection of Bridge books available to Club members. 
The collection is held by Pete Webb.  If there's a book you would like to borrow then please let him know, by email, phone or on Club Night and it will be brought along on the next available Club Night.  It will be appreciated if books are returned after a period of about three weeks.
Welcome to Devizes Bridge Club
Devizes at the Heart of Wiltshire
Devizes at the Heart of Wiltshire
Results for Friday, 20 October


Well done to Janet and Brian Thomas along with Jackie and Richard Colman in winning the handicap Teams of Four Event on Friday, 22 march with a score of +35 IMPs.  They each win free entry to their next Devizes BC evening.


Wednesday Seminars

Devizes Bridge Club is pleased to advise that the Bridge Seminars will now start on 20 March

The seminars will be presented by Chaz and Lucy Cross at St Andrews Church Hall.  They will be free to Devizes BC members.  Non-members are welcome to attend.  The cost is £4 which includes an evening's bridge if you have a partner and wish to stay and play after the seminar.  The seminars will start at 5.45pm and will last approximately 45 minutes. Topics to be covered are:

  • 20 March        Defence Strategies, Opening Leads.
  • 27 March        Defence
, Signals/discards
  • 10 April           Overcalls
  • 01 May            Doubles
  • 15 May             Hand Evaluation


Club Information

We meet twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday evenings

On Wednesday we meet at St Andrews Church Hall (map) and on Friday at the Nursteed Centre (map)

At both venues we start at 7:00pm but please arrive by 6:45pm.  We finish around 10:30pm.

We are affiliated to The English Bridge Union through the Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association.

Boards are Duplimated and the hands and results can be seen on this website after play finishes.  Scoring is by BridgeMates and is displayed at the Club.

We have a break for tea, coffee and biscuits at mid-session.

We operate a Partnering System for members and visitors.  For further details please click on 'information'

Success for Devizes Pair at WCBA Mixed Pairs Event

Well done to Anne Rogan and Pete Webb in coming 3rd with 59.82% against 29 other pairs in the WCBA Mixed Pairs event held at the Bowls Club on Sunday, 17 February 2019

Also to Bryan Willis and Julia Charlton in a very creditable 5th place with 55.89%

In 1st place were Pat Davies and Keith Williamson with 64.73%

Chairman's Cup Result

Congratulations to Brian and Fred in winning the Chairman's Cup by a very impressive 8%

Robin and Ann were in 2nd place followed closely by Ken and Flocky

The Handicapped Results can be seen by clicking on the event result and then on "Handicap"
Robin and Ann do well in Championship Pairs Final

Well done to Robin and Ann Baker in getting a very creditable score in the Final of the Championship Pairs held at the Bowls Club on Sunday, 03 February.

They came 6th with 51.73% from a field of 12 after qualifying for the final last December when they came 4th from a field of 30 pairs.

Taf Anthias and Pat Davies won the event.

Excellent Result for Devizes Players in WCBA Non-Expert Pairs

Congratulations to Mike Smith paired with Trowbridge player Ian Lund in coming 1st, with a score of 62.50% in the WCBA Non Expert Pairs played at the Bowls Club, Devizes on Sunday, 20 January 2019.

Well done also to Anne Hall and Ian Schofield in 3rd place with 56.92%

eCats UNICEF Charity Sim Pairs - 25 January 19
Many thanks for your donations of £50.68 in aid of the Children of Yemen

Well done to Philip and Bob, 5th internationally with 67.51% from a field of 290 pairs playing in 19 different clubs in six countries.

Also to Hugh and Philip, 6th with 66.67% and Chaz and Lucy, 21st with 61.25%

Roll of Honour

WCBA Mixed Pairs - 17 February 19

Anne Rogan and Pete Webb, 3rd with 58.13% against 24 other Pairs

Chairman's Cup 2019 

Brian Baker and Fred Powell with an adjusted score of 63.38% after handicaps applied.

WCBA Non Expert Pairs - 20 January 19

Mike Smith paired with Trowbridge player Ian Lund, 1st, with a score of 62.50%

Anne Hall and Ian Schofield3rd with 56.92%

Devizes Bridge Club Champion 2018 

Bob McMurray with an average of 64.6% (helped by Philip Bennett, Philip Howard and Hugh Gross)

Teams Competition Winner 2018

Philip Bennett

DBC Most Improved Player 2018 

Jim Shore 

Ladder Winner 2018 

Philip Howard

2018 Master Point Champions

1st Chaz Cross with 831 Master Points

2nd Lucy Cross with 813 Master Points

3rd Bryan Willis with 761 Master Points

WCBA Championship Pairs Qualifier - 02 December 2018

Robin and Ann Baker 4th with 56.34% against 30 other pairs

Mixed Ability Teams of Four - 18 November 2018

Lucy Cross, Chaz Cross, Anne Rogan and Pete Webb 1st with 88 VP's

WCBA Open Pairs - 23 September 2018

4th - Robin and Ann Baker with 55.98% from a field of 25 pairs

League 3 Winners 2017/18

The Baker team (Robin and Ann Baker, Chaz and Lucy Cross, Peter Goldson and Ian Schofield) won League 3 and promotion back to League 2

WCBA Mixed Teams - 11 March 2018

Robin and Ann Baker with Chaz and Lucy Cross, third with 84VP's

2019 AGM   The Chairman's and Treasurer's Reports and the Income and Expenditure Final Account can be viewed under "Information"
What's on this week and Forthcoming Events
Every club night is Duplicate Pairs except as shown below.
British Spring Sim Pairs
Wednesday 03 April 
Club championship #2
Friday 12 April 
Teams of Four #2
Friday 03 May
Club championship #3
Wednesday 22 May
Need a Partner?  Click on 'Information' on the left.
Teams of Four #1
Nursteed Community Centre
Director: Peter Webb
Scorer: Ken Walsby
Duplicate Pairs
St Andrews Church Hall
Director: Robin Baker
Scorer: Peter Webb
Duplicate Pairs
Nursteed Community Centre
Director: Gerry McAinsh
Scorer: Robin Baker
Assisted Play
Director: Chaz Cross
Scorer: Peter Webb
Duplicate Pairs
St Andrews Church Hall
Director: Ken Walsby
Scorer: Lucy Cross
Duplicate Pairs
Nursteed Community Centre
Director: Peter Webb
Scorer: Jim Shore
27th Mar 2019
Duplicate Pairs
St Andrews Church Hall
6.45pm for 7pm start
Director: Gerry McAinsh
Scorer: Lucy Cross
29th Mar 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Nursteed Community Centre
6.45pm for 7pm start
Director: Anne Rogan
Scorer: Ken Walsby
3rd Apr 2019
British Spring Sim Pairs
St Andrews Church Hall
6.45pm for 7pm start
Director: Robin Baker
Scorer: Rosemary Fussell
5th Apr 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Nursteed Community Centre
6.45pm for 7pm start
Director: KenWalsby
Scorer: Lucy Cross