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Come play bridge with us in February and enjoy bridge at

Denver House of Cards! 



We will have a full schedule of games including open pair games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, and on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  In addition, we have four games for newer players: Flighted games on Tuesday morning  limited to less than 2000 per player, games on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings limited to players with fewer than 200 masterpoints, and a flighted 299'er game on Friday mornings. 

Please note that games on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings are preceded by a free lesson.

Call the club at 303 781 6552, or email at to sign-up for events.  Reservations are recommended and appreciated! 

Come and enjoy the fun



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Bridge Lessons


Paul Ossip presents lessons for beginning bridge players and players who would like to move up in competition to duplicate. The lessons run from 6:30 - 8:30 PM for six weeks and include lectures plus some playing time.


The beginning series teaches the basics of what the game is about.  Basic bidding and card play and defense are taught in a relaxed atmosphere with emphasis on the enjoyable facets of the game.


The series to prepare players for duplicate bridge reviews standard bidding methods and emphasizes modern variations in addition to including instruction on play and defense. As usual, each session  includes both lectures and supervised play.


Lessons for more advanced players will be scheduled to help improve specific areas of bidding, declarer play and defense.  Check our website frequently for details as they become available.


Cost for each series is sixty dollars per person, with the first lesson being free. Call 303-781-6552 or e-mail us at for further details.