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Come play bridge with us in February and enjoy bridge at

Denver House of Cards! 



We will have a full schedule of games including open pair games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, and on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  In addition, we have four games for newer players: Flighted games on Tuesday morning  limited to less than 2000 per player, games on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings limited to players with fewer than 200 masterpoints, and a flighted 299'er game on Friday mornings. 

Please note that games on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings are preceded by a free lesson.

Call the club at 303 781 6552, or email at to sign-up for events.  Reservations are recommended and appreciated! 

Come and enjoy the fun



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Score Change Policy
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Bridge Instruction

DHC Score Change Policy



DHC has invested a great deal of money into the Bridgemates so our players can have scoring that is accurate and timely.  It is our view that scoring is the player’s responsibility.  We do understand that as humans, there will be errors.  If there is an input error the North player can hit “cancel” and go back to correct any score.  If the “OK” key is hit and the players discover an error, the Director can be summoned and he/she will correct it on the spot or give the table a correction form.  Both pairs must agree on the scoring change. Please note that NS and EW are equally responsible for seeing that an accurate score is entered for each board played. 



DHC accepts scoring changes up to 24 hours following the game.  In all cases, for us to do a score correction, both pairs must agree, for obvious reasons.  It will be the responsibility of the pair requesting the change to contact opponents to confirm to us that an error was made.  Of course, if the Director has made an error, the score will be corrected immediately provided the Director is notified in a timely manner.  It is our hope that this policy will improve the accuracy of scoring and provide a procedure to correct inadvertent errors. Please note that we will generally not make changes after the monthly report is submitted to ACBL; this means that you need to be especially careful near the end of each month. 



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