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Come play bridge with us in November and enjoy the great fun we have at

Denver House of Cards! 



We will have a full schedule of games including open pair games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, on Saturday afternoons, and on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  In addition, we have five games for newer players: Tuesday morning  and Thursday morning limited to less than 1500 masterpoints per player, games on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings limited to players with fewer than 100 masterpoints, and a flighted 299'er game on Friday mornings.

Call the club at 303 781 6552, or email at denverhouseofcards@gmail.com to sign-up for events.  Reservations are recommended and appreciated! 

Come and enjoy the fun!



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Nov 14, 2015 16:40 CST
Nov 2, 2015 15:26 CST
Monday Morning 99er Game to Cost Nine Dollars

Starting November 16, card fees for the Monday morning 99er game will be nine dollars.  Our buffet lunch will still be included.  Come join us for a few hours of fun bridge and a great meal.

Full Schedule of Games

We offer flighted open pair games every morning Monday through Friday plus on Saturday afternoon and on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  In addition we have the following limited games: 0 - 1500 (flighted) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 0 - 300 (flighted) on Friday mornings and 0 - 99 on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  The open games will award masterpoints based on total table count when held at the same time as a limited game.  Come enjoy the fun and challenge of duplicate bridge at the appropriate level for you.

Extra Masterpoints During November

During November, 19 of our 27 games will pay extra masterpoints at no additional charge.  Featured this month are eight club membership games which are sectionally rated, eight charity pair games and three club  championships.  Check our calendar for dates of these special events.    

Keep in mind that our Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and Friday morning open pair games use the table count from the concurrent I/N games to add additional masterpoints.  Card fees are ten dollars per person ($9.50 with an account) for most pair games; newcomer games are less.  Lunch is served during all of our morning games.  Enjoy duplicate bridge in our state-of-the-art club and earn the maximum number of masterpoints allowable.   


Limited Masterpoint Games

We limit our Monday morning and Wednesday evening games to players with fewer than 100 masterpoints.  Both of these games are preceded by a free lesson by Chuck Goudey, for those interested.  Card fees for these games are only nine dollars for the Monday morning game which includes lunch and seven dollars for the Wednesday evening game. 

We also have a 299'er game on Friday mornings.  This game is flighted and is also preceded by a free lesson by Chuck Goudey.

We run 0-1500 games on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM for slightly more experienced players.  The Thursday games are preceded by free lessons by Blair Young. 

These games are a great way for newer players to ease into duplicate bridge. 


Beginning and Intermediate Bridge Lessons


Paul Ossip will begin a five-week course on 'Play of the Hand' on January 5.  The classes will be given on five consecutive Tuesday evenings, and the cost will be fifty dollars per person for the series.  The course is designed for people who are interested in improving their skills at what most consider to be the most fun part of bridge. 

For further information, e-mail us at denverhouseofcards@gmail.com or at paulossip@hotmail.com or call us at 303-781-6552.


Denver House of Cards
Denver House of Cards

Denver House of Cards

1800 W. Oxford Ave, Unit C.

Englewood, CO 80110

303 781-6552

About Denver House of Cards
About Denver House of Cards

Denver House of Cards is one of the premier bridge clubs in the Denver area.  We pride ourselves on having well-directed and friendly duplicate bridge games.  We are a "zero tolerance" club. 

DHC offers a variety of open and limited games for the enjoyment of our players.  There is also a social game on Friday evenings for which dinner is served at 6:00 p.m. and the play begins at 6:30 p.m.  We also offer special games on many weekends.  Our two-session Swiss Team events are always fun and include a catered dinner.

Please come and enjoy our hospitality and great bridge competition soon!

Five Dollar Bridge is Back

During November and December, card fees for the Thursday morning open pairs game will be only five dollars.  This will include our excellent buffet lunch.  Come take advantage of the best bridge bargain around.

STaC Week December 7 - 12

The next District 17 STaC week will be December 7- 12, immediately following the Denver National Tournament.  All open games will pay silver points.  In addition, district-wide overall awards will be given to high percentage games.  There will be no extra charge for these games.


Duplicate Bridge in a Friendly Atmosphere at DHOC

The club is owned and operated by Steve Wainz and Paul Ossip.  We pledge to do our best to continue the tradition of a friendly atmosphere for enjoyable duplicate bridge.  In addition, we will run all games with a non-playing director except when necessary to fill out the movement or in case of emergency (such as someone having to leave in the middle of a game).

In our new location, we will serve a light lunch during our morning games.  Card fees will be ten dollars per game ($9.50 if you have an account with us) for most games. 

We have open games Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, Saturday afternoons and Monday and Wednesday evenings plus limited games on Tuesday (0-1500 MP)  and Thursday (0-1500 MP)  mornings.  We also have 99'er games on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings and a 299'er game on Friday mornings.  All morning games start at 10:30 AM and evening games at 6:30 PM; Saturday afternoon games start at 12:30 PM.  Please feel free to offer your comments and suggestions.

Steve & Paul

Bridgemate Wireless Scoring
Bridgemate Wireless Scoring

To ensure our players have the latest in technology to enhance the game, DHC has upgraded to the Bridgemate II wireless scorers.

Play Bridge Dealer 4
DHC pre-deals all boards for our customers.  This not only supplies quality bridge hands but it expidites the play as well.  We want our customers concentrating on the game of bridge and not on having to make boards.  In addition, hand records will be available following play. 
Play Bridge Dealer 4
Nov 25, 2015
Wednesday Morning Club Membership Strat Pairs
Director: Paul Ossip
Nov 25, 2015
Wednesday Evening Charity Strat & 99'er Pairs
Director: Paul Ossip
Nov 24, 2015
Tuesday Morning Charity Strat & 1499'er Pairs
Director: Chuck Goudey
Nov 26, 2015
Nov 27, 2015
Nov 28, 2015
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