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Web Site
Web Site

S I T I O   e n   P R O C E S O

Bienvenidos a nuestro Sitio Web. Este es el primer paso en la utilización de la Tecnología en las Comunicaciones del Club con los Socios. Tendremos información del Club, de los socios, de las actividades, noticias, etc. Será nuestro medio para comunicarnos, para encontrar un partner, para ver los resultados de los torneos, para enviar mensajes a grupos de email, etc. Una vez que estemos familiarizados, estaremos acostumbrados a usarlo y será muy util.

Welcome to this web site. This shows you what you get, as a minimum, when you create a BridgeWebs web site. Once you have found your way around, amend this "News Item" and describe basic details about the club, what county or country that you are in and what towns you are close to. Add a small picture. If you are interested in visitors/new members, this is the main page that Google will index, so add words that will help Google index it, use them more than once to give you more chance of coming higher in the search order.

Informacion Importante
Informacion Importante

Cada Pagina esta compuesta de "Items de Noticias". Este es el segundo Item en la pagina "Principal".  Etc.

Each Page is made up of a number of "News Items". This is the second item on the "Home" page. Go to "Web Administration" to update this and/or add your own information. You can add to the main body of the "Home Page" in the centre or the "Message Box" to the right or the "Bulletin" below the menu to the left. Just different ways of maximising what you show.

The automatic creation facility is available so that you can set up the web site completely in your own time and at your own pace. However, if you have any questions, try the [Help] and [?] that you see around the place. They take you to a help topic appropriate to where your are, otherwise, please feel free to contact bridgewebs at

Special Message

Nuevo Consejo Directivo

Periodo 2018 - 2020

Presidente: Arnaldo Meneses

Vice Presidente: Ricardo Espinoza

Tesorero: Emiliana Muttoni

Secretario: Josefina Camminati

Vocal: Susana Cilloniz

Vocal: Vladana Prazak

Vocal: Elisa Lumbroso

Another Message

Los 3 ingresos siguientes del Calendario se mostraran abajo automaticamente, despues que se ingresen al Calendario.

The next 3 entries from the Calendar will  automatically show below once you have entered some. Then you can use this box as a second message.