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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
October Newsletter

Birthdays: 4-Judy Bryson; 9-Kathy Harn; 11-Pam Stiff; 17-Connie Howe, Cozy May; 23-Ivey McGrew, Beth Britton; 24-Lynn Sorensen; 26-Barbara Dunn, Susie O’Connor; 27-Karen Muns30-Pat Gregory; 31-Jerry Meronek.  Our birthday game is October 5.


October is Club Appreciation Month, when ACBL awards us with extra points for no extra charge.  We are allowed to have a pair game and a team game for each day.  We’ve scheduled extra team games because of the extra points, some of which are Gold in teams. 


Saturday the 19th will be a draw team—bring your own partner and draw for teammates.  Thursday the 31st will be an Eight is Enough Team.  Sign up on the Board to participate in these events.  All team games are open except the 299er Team on October 30.


Our usual Mentor Session will be held on the 17th at 9:30.  This FREE session is a great opportunity to practice and ask questions.


Lynn Berg will teach a Play of the Hand class on Fridays, starting October 4.  The eight lessons will cost $100, plus $20 for a book if you need one.  Let Lynn know if you plan to attend by e-mailing her at 


Annette Smith is Chairman of the Nominating Committee.  If you are approached to serve one of the three year terms, please step up. We are a member-owned club, and we depend on the efforts of the members for our success.


Marian Watson has had to resign from the Board, for which she was Secretary, because of health.  Mary Bennett will be Secretary for the balance of 2013.  Paul Moniz has been appointed to serve out Marian’s term.  He will continue in 2014 as Treasurer, finishing Fred Atherton’s term.  We’ve been so lucky to have Marian and Fred.  Thanks to both!


Our Club upholds ACBL’s Zero Tolerance policy, but this depends on the cooperation of all players.  If any behavior or speech at the club—even at another table--makes you uncomfortable, you should call immediately. Don’t wait for the end of the session.  Everyone will benefit if we all follow this policy.

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