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Welcome to Danetre Bridge Club
Danetre Bridge Club
Danetre  Bridge Club


Introduction. Since its foundation (1995) the Club has welcomed players with intermediate bridge skills, with or without regular partners. We currently meet at 7pm, for a 7 15 start, in the Daventry Eagles Indoor Bowls Clubhouse. Play normally ends by about 10 30 pm. New players are always very welcome.


Informality. We do not bind ourselves strictly to English Bridge Union laws, which can spoil the friendly social atmosphere we try to encourage. However, “calling for the Director” is still ok where there is a genuine dilemma, and the director's ruling is final.


Important Information
Important Information

Good Practice. Below are shown some of the points of good practice that we encourage. However, these are guidelines rather than “club rules”, and you will not be penalised for breaking any of them.

We encourage playing to Acol rules (low no-trump etc). You are free to use another system, but may soon get tired of explaining it. We use pre-dealt “Boards” to enable duplicate scoring. They are normally kept on the table during play, but can be removed, if all players wish. If any player at the table wishes the board to be kept, it should be. If not, North may remove it, but he/she must ensure that it is replaced the right way round.

Bidding Boxes are also used -try not to knock them over, as they take ages to re-fill. After bidding, bids should be left on the table until the lead is made.

North is responsible for “board control”, passing on the boards between rounds etc. It is also North’s job to manage the tablet and for East to confirm the result.

As declarer, you should normally tell Dummy which card to play for you. Only if Dummy has left the table should you touch the card yourself, and then try not to touch more than one.

Whether bidding or leading, try not to hold things up. But, before doing either, make sure that it is your turn! Also, when you are in an impossible fix, try not to keep everyone waiting while you seek desperately to escape. On the other hand, as Declarer, the others should recognise that you need a little time to plan your strategy, before calling for a card from Dummy.

A bit of chatter is not a bad thing, and makes our Club the sort of friendly gathering we hope it is. However, bear in mind that for some members at least, concentration on the game is absolutely essential. Try not to distract others while they are concentrating.

Above all, enjoy your Bridge, and help others to enjoy theirs!

The Club Ethos

The ethos of the Club is to provide an environment that is friendly, non-threatening, and welcoming to both novice and more advanced players. Please treat other players with tolerance, respect and above all remember bridge is only a game of cards and whilst we all do our best to win we should remember:

"Bridge is for Fun" 
 "Enjoy bridge- it’s only a game!"

We warmly welcome new players to join us in our weekly social bridge on a Wednesday evening.

If you would like to try us out please get in touch with the Membership Secretary, Jenny Lucas.

Telephone 0781012179 or

If you decide to come with a partner then that is great but if you come alone that is fine too. Certainly for the first week we would ensure that you have a partner. From then we would show you how to use our ‘Find a Partner’ service on our website.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Jenny Lucas

29th May 2019
Daventry Eagles Bowls Club 7:00pm
5th June 2019
Daventry Eagles Bowls Club 7:00pm
12th June 2019
Daventry Eagles Bowls Club 7:00pm
Director: Chris Malthouse
Scorer: Jane White
Director: Peter Baines
Scorer: Ann Wood
Director: Chris Malthouse
Scorer: Viv Baldwin