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Minutes for AGM 2018 which took place Tuesday 6 November can be viewed by clicking on;  2018 AGM minutes.pdf  
Duplicate Bridge session every Tuesday evening at 6.30.   Learners/Beginners Gentle Duplicate sessinon every Thursday afternoon.

Details can be found under information on the menu tab.



  Bridge d'Albret Constitution


  L'Association du Bridge d'Albret  ♠ 


Constitution 2013


 Association/club member:

Someone who pays the membership fee within one month/30 days of the AGM.

Or, when joining the club.


  The purpose of the AGM will be:

To set the membership fee for the forthcoming year.

To elect officers of the Association/club.

To report on the Association/club finances.

To approve spending by the officers of the club.

To deal with AOB.


 The committee will circulate Association/club members the agenda for an AGM,

together with a note on finances, one month before the date of the meeting.

(To allow time for proxy votes to be recorded).

The minutes of the AGM will be circulated to Association/club members.


♣ The committee will accept proxy votes for items on the agenda from Association/club members.


♠ Elected officers of the Association/club will serve a three year term.


 The minimum number of elected officers needed in order for the Association/club to function will be three.


 For purchases of an individual item costing more than 300€ the officers of the Association/club will seek the approval of the majority of members present at the AGM.


♣ If the Association/club were to be wound up the assets of the Association/club would be divided equally amongst the members.

NB. Copy of Item 11, minutes of AGM 2012. "Club is happy to continue to sponsor the Clothes and Book Sales in aid of MSF".




Agreed by Association/club members AGM 2013