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2017 AGM Tues 24 October Agenda, click on BRIDGE AGM AGENDA 2017.pdf to view

Minutes for AGM 2016 which took place Tuesday 25 Oct can be viewed by clicking on; 
2016 AGM Bridge Minutes.pdf

Thursday's Fun Bridge, takes place at Michelettes at 2.30pm.  All level of players welcome, with or without partner.  Please contact the club to confirm it's happening.  

Gentle Duplicate takes place the 1st Tuesday of the month.
Where more experienced players help less experienced players with bidding, play and bridge etiquette. 


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To Borrow Books & CD-Rom
To Borrow Books and CD-ROM

We have available for Club Members to borrow the books listed below - 1 copy of each and CD-Rom, 2 copies, plus 1 copy of a DVD not interactive.
The CD-Rom is interactive, "progressively structured to improve your game" (not compatible with mac).
The books: Two by Danny Roth for beginners and Improvers plus a selection from a teaching series by Andrew Robson, each page showing deals relevant to the subject plus a commentary.
So that we can keep a track of things we suggest borrowing is restricted to Club Members - for a maximum period on one month - items to be collected and returned to the club on a Tuesday evening.
If you wish to borrow please send an email and I will bring your request along to the next bridge evening.


Andrew Robson Learn Bridge (2 discs)
CD – Rom  
Andrew Robson Bridge: What Should Have Happened
Collins winning Bridge  
by Danny Roth  
  The Expert Beginner
  The Expert Improver
Bridge Lessons by  
Andrew Robson  
  Bidding as Opener
  Bidding Big Hands
  Declaring Notrump Contracts
  Declaring Trump Contracts
  Duplicate Pairs
  Endplay & Squeeze
  Hand Evaluation & the Losing Trick Count
  Opening lead
  Responder & Fourth Suit Forcing
  Rules, Acronyms and Ditties
  Signal & Discard
  Stayman & Transfer
  Weak Two