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Bridge Lessons

Bridge Improvers Class

5 week Bridge

Improver course

 Wed 30th Jan - 27th Feb

7.30 - 9.30pm Cost €65

Mary Greene

087 135 4095

Membership Numbers Breakdown by Grade

Membership Total 83 D15 B.C.

Breakdown by Grade

MR      5

MA      6

A1      10

A2      24

B1      18

B2      15

N1        5

N2        0



Webmaster Neil Burke

D15 Bridge Club Castleknock 087 285 7892 New Members Welcome

 Bridge Every Tuesday 1:00 to 4:30 "Kavanaghs"

Laurel Lodge Shopping Centre Castleknock

 Christmas Social Dec 18th 1pm

The President would like to send Holiday Greetings


Bridge Players Everywhere

Special Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 

To all our Members

No Bridge December 25th & January 1st

D15 Bridge Club

We Don't Have a waiting list we have a welcome List

Club We are mixed Grade Club (Regional Masters to Novices)

We use pre-dealt boards every week and have a handicap competition once a month            

Club Handicap

Club Handicap System

The Handicap will be based on Grades and competitions won in the D15 club.

The Handicap committee will meet 3 or 4 times a year,

or whenever necessary to adjust or amend handicap system.

The Handicap system will be used with scoring programs that allow handicap scoring.

Masters R - 13 (Off Score) - Master A - 12 (Off Score)

MA + A1  - 12 (Off Score) - A1 + A2 - 10 (Off Score)

A1 - 10 (Off Score) A2 - 8 (Off Score)

B1 - 6 (Off Score)  B2 - 5 (Off Score)

Novice (With more than 1000MPs) +1 (Add to Score)

Novice (With Less than 1000 MPs) 3%+ (Add Score)

Team Handicaps

 Master/A1 - 1.5pt per Round, (Maximun 12) A2 - 1pt per Round, (Maximun 10)

B - 0.5pt per Round (Maximun 6)    Novice - Add 1pt per Round (Maximun 12)

Note Highest Grade on Team Determents the Grade of the Team

Once Every Month When Possible one

Regular Competition will be a 

Handicap Event Sept 1st to Jun 1st


Bridge Conventions - Double

The meaning of Double – as the name suggest – is to raise the stakes.

If you Double an opposing contract, you win more Points

if they fail, but you concede more points if they succeed.

When Bridge began over a 100 years ago, double was limited to those

occasions where you expected the opponents to fail in their bid. However,

it was realised that you would be most unlikely to be confident enough to double

a low-level suit bid, when partner had not yet spoken.

And that if the opponents happened to have bid,

a suit in which you were very strong,

it was far better not to tip them off: rather to keep quiet and

wait for them to get into deeper trouble.

In 1912 New Yorker Major Charles Patten and Bryant McCambell independently

invented an alternative meaning for the “Double” – the “take-out double”.

It is believed that this was the first convention in the game

(although it is now so universal that it is rarely thought of as such).

The take-out double – “partner, please take out my double into another suit”

shows an opening hand or better with no other convenient bid: 

no suit to overcall, and an inability to bid notrumps.

To learn more on doubling  contact your local Bridge Teacher or Coach,

or get a copy of Bridge Lessons (Double) by ANDREW ROBSON,

( The above extract is from this book.


 Fourth Suit Forcing

See full convention on left hand Menu List


This is a series of Bridge Conventions

you may not have heard of,

some of them you have heard of,

and some you will have seen in action.

The purpose here is to make you

aware of conventions, (not necessarily use them).

We recommend that before you try

any of these conventions,

you DISCUSS them with you

Bridge Approver Teacher or Coach

and of course your partner

Please Note: All Conventions come under

partnership agreement and must be alerted



Never Give Up
Never Give Up

Sometimes even the great ones get rejected

Looking for acceptance of Blackwood

Mr Blackwood was the one who Invented 

Key Card "Blackwood" 4NT asking for Aces

Any members who would like to assist the

Bridgemate Operator

to gain experences or practice

just talk to us before

BridgeMate set-up

We are sure you will get a hands on Tutorial

Christmas Competition
Week 14
Winter Teams Handicap Corrected Results
Week 12
Sunday Galway D15
Competition 2 Sat
Competition1 Sat
D15 Galway Friday Compt 1
D15 Galway Fri Competition 2
Galway Competition 1
Week 11
Charity Competition 1
Week 9 Handicap
Week 8
Week 7
Autumn Prs Wk 2
Autumn Pairs Final
Autumn Pairs Wk 1
Aut Prs Section 1 Wk 1
18th Dec 2018
Christmas Party
TD: Marian O'Hanlon
25th Dec 2018
No Bridge
1st Jan 2019
No Bridge
8th Jan 2019
Week 19
TD: Evelyn Blennerhassett
15th Jan 2019
Club Pairs
TD: Neil Burke/Jim Egan
22nd Jan 2019
Club Pairs
TD: Neil Burke/Jim Egan
29th Jan 2019
Week 22 Handicap
TD: Mary Myler
5th Feb 2019
Sims Prs
TD: Neil Burke
12th Feb 2019
Valentines Teams
TD: Neil Burke/Jim Egan
19th Feb 2019
Week 25
TD: Marian O'Hanlon
26th Feb 2019
Week 26 Handicap
TD: Sibhan Canty
5th Mar 2019
Week 27
TD: Blanaid Morris
12th Mar 2019
Spring Surprise
TD: Neil Burke/Jim Egan
19th Mar 2019
Week 29
TD: Maura Colgan
26th Mar 2019
Week 30 Handicap
TD: Maureen Reddy
2nd Apr 2019
Week 31
TD: Neil Burke
9th Apr 2019
Week 32
TD: Annette Neill
16th Apr 2019
Easter Egg
TD: Barbara Burke
23rd Apr 2019
Week 34
TD: Kevin Dunne
30th Apr 2019
Week 35 Handicap
TD: Ronnie Woods