Entry Fees & Prizes
  Entry Fees
  • The standard entry fee for County Events is £7.50 per player.
  • Inter-Club Teams of 8 is £60 per club (£7.5 per player)
  Prize Monies

Championship Pairs

1st £30 per player, 2nd £20 per player, 3rd £10 per player

The highest placed pair, with Cumbria as their county of allegiance, who wish to enter the Corwen Trophy will have the entry fee paid and receive £20 per player expenses. Any other pairs, with Cumbria as their county of allegiance, who qualify and wish to play in the Corwen Trophy will have to pay their own entry fee and will not receive any expenses.

Championship Teams    (£30 per team entry)

1st £20 per player, 2nd £10 per player

The winners, if their county of allegiance is Cumbria, will be entitled to enter the Pachabo Cup and if they enter will have their entry fee paid, plus they will be given £20 per player expenses. If the winners are not eligible or able to play in the Pachabo Cup, then a team comprising of the first and second teams may enter, the same fees and expenses will be paid.

Simple System Pairs

1st in each stratification £10 per player

Inter-Club Teams of 8

The winning club will be entitled to enter the Garden Cities Tournament and have their entry fee paid.

Simultaneous Pairs

1st £20 per player, 2nd £15 per player, 3rd £10 per player, 4th £5 per player

All Other Events

1st £10 per player, 2nd free entry to an event of your choice other than the Congress or the Green Pointed Joint Weekend.