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Congratulations to

Ian Reeves & Tim Matthews

who won the County 

Pairs Championship


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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Knockout Teams (to 1993)


1993 Janet and David Sheppard, William Thompson, Trevor Duddle


1992 Phil Porter, Tony Parker, Don Blake, Mike Dunstan


1991 Geoff Stott, Ian Stedman, Ian Reeves, Geoff Thomson


1990 Dorothy Heron, John MacLachlan, Charlie Connon, Mike Quin

1989 Peter Thompson, Robin Stretch, Tony Aldred, Alan Williamson


1988 Alan Fisher, George Surtees, John Wilson, David Glazbrook


1987 Colin Smith, John Wilson, Ken Johnston, Jack Boardman


1986 Jack Boardman, John Wilson, Colin Smith, Ken Johnston


1985 Dorothy Heron, John MacLachlan, Charlie Connon, Mike Quin

1984 Dorothy Heron, John MacLachlan, Charlie Connon, Mike Quin

1983 Jack Boardman, Bob Brunskill, John Martin, John Wilson


1982 Jack Boardman, Bob Brunskill, John Wilson, Derek Philips