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Latest County Result

Congratulations to

Ian Reeves & Tony Bartlett

Nicky Luckett & Angela Taylor

who won the County 

Pro-Am Teams


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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Pro Am
  Entry Form - ProAm Teams

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  Previous Winners - ProAm Teams

2016 Ken Johnston, Ian Reeves, Christine Johnston & Angela Hewitt

2015 Brenda & George Bullamore, Glenda Lloyd & Peter Boardman.

2014 Brenda and George Bullamore, Glenda Lloyd and Peter Boardman

2013 George Bullamore, Ian Stedman, Peter Boardman, Glenda Lloyd

2012 John MacLachlan, Robin Rose, Ina Gray, Kathleen Hendley

2011 Geoff Thomson, Joan Mossop, Maureen Mitchell, Christine Edwards

2010 Babs Matthews, Tim Matthews, Christine Skellon, Trevor Ward

2009 Peter Ford, Bob Kemp, Bill Richardson, David Pullin

2008 Peggy Millidge, Tim Baelz, Anne Carter, Reg Atkinson

2007 Jenny Carruthers, Rosemary Jackson, Marjorie Swan, Isabel Moritz

2006 Hazel McGovern, Nigel Morgan, Bruce Denwood, John MacLachlan

2005 Rosemary Jackson, Marjorie Swan, Isabel Moritz, Jenny Carruthers

2004 Alan & Carol James, Keith Longstaff, David Latimer, John Robinson

2003 Mary Edgar, Janet Sheppard, Gary Bryson, Janet Walker

2002 Jack Etchells, Jack Conway, Barbara Welch, Kate Cooper

2001 Mary Cooney, Joyce Parkin, Marjorie Bamford, Audrey Vince

  Rules - ProAm Teams

Pro-Am Teams

General. A teams of four competition. No team shall contain more than two players whose grade under the EBU National Grading Scheme is Jack or higher at the time of entry into the competition. Pairs within any team may be of any combination of the players involved.

Eligibility. This is an Open competition for players who are members of the EBU or another country’s sponsoring organisation

Systems and Treatments. Level 4

Scoring. Imps. Ties broken by EBU methods.