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Congratulations to

Ian Reeves & Tony Bartlett

Nicky Luckett & Angela Taylor

who won the County 

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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Championship Pairs
  Entry Form - Championship Pairs

Please ensure you fill in all the boxes marked with an asterix, then just click the Post Message button.

  Previous Winners - Championship Pairs

2017 Simon Smith, Tony Bartlett (Eden)

2016 Sally Ann & Mike Rothwell (Grange)

2015 Terry McCarron, Philip Walker (St. Bees)

2014 Glenda Lloyd, Peter Boardman (Barrow)

2013 Robin Rose, John Maclachlan (Grange)

2012 John MacLachlan, Sam Norman (Grange)

2011 Peter Mollart, John Farmer (Eden,Direct)

2010 Ken Johnston, Colin Smith (Carlisle)

2009 Dave Mullany, Colin Woods (Barrow)

2008 Ken Anderson, Tony Bartlett (Eden)

2007 Mike Dunstan, Tony Parker (Eden)

2006 Ken Johnston, Colin Smith (Carlisle)

2005 Jack Walker, Alan Britten (Cockermouth)

2004 Nick Rushton, Ewan Maddrell (Workington)

2003 Phillip and Sally Wraight (Grange)

2002 Ken Johnston, Ian Reeves (Carlisle)

2001 Tony Russ, David Latimer (Keswick)

2000 Jack Conway, Jack Etchells (Barrow)

1999 Jack Conway, Jack Etchells (Barrow)

1998 Dave Mullany, Colin Woods (Barrow)

1995 Kathleen and Geoff Bell (Brampton)

1994 equal Phil Porter (Keswick), Tony Parker (Workington), Don Blake (Cockermouth),

           Mike Dunstan (Keswick)

1993 Glenda Lloyd, Peter Boardman (Barrow)

1992 Dave Mullany, Colin Woods (Barrow)

1991 Dorothy Heron, John MacLachlan (Workington)

1990 Ian Stedman, Geoff Thomson (Carlisle)

1989 Jack Boardman, John Wilson (Workington)

1988 Ken Johnston (Carlisle), Colin Smith (Workington)

1987 Ken Johnston (Carlisle), Colin Smith (Workington)

1986 Albert Stables, David Glazbrook (Workington)

1985 Colin Smith, Dr John Cottam (Workington)

1984 Lily Harrison, Derek Fox (Carlisle)

1983 Charlie Connon, Mike Quinn (Workington)

1982 May and Peter Brown (Barrow)

1981 Colin Smith, Dr John Cottam (Workington)

1980 Dorothy Heron, John MacLachlan (Workington)

1979 Marianne and Walter Valenta (Workington)

1978 Dorothy Heron, John MacLachlan (Workington)

1977 Ian Dobson, Dennis Harrison (Carlisle)

1976 Jack Boardman, Harry Brooks (Seascale)

1975 Marianne and Walter Valenta (Workington)

1974 Olive Rice, Frank Tams (Carlisle)

1973 John Martin, Harry Brooks (Seascale)

1972 George Surtees, Charlie Connon (Workington)

1971 Marianne Valenta, Dorothy Heron (Workington)

1970 Dennis Gilbert, Derek Smith (Barrow)

1969 Olive Rice, Frank Tams (Carlisle)

1968 Mary and Tom Underwood (Carlisle)

1967 Meg Cater, John Poole (Barrow)

1966 Meg Cater, John Poole (Barrow)

1965 D Fitzgerald, Ted Burrus (Carlisle)

1964 Jimmy Borrell, Henry Pachul (Barrow)

1963 Marianne and WalterValenta (Workington)

1962 Marianne and Walter Valenta (Workington)

1958 Jessie Archer, Connie Kite (Barrow)

  Rules - Championship Pairs


  1. Competitions will be played in accordance with the current Laws of Duplicate Bridge promulgated by the WBF, the by-laws of the EBU, and in accordance with the current Blue Book.
  2. Members of County Clubs shall mean any person who has paid the current year’s subscription to any club affiliated to the CCBA and to the EBU. Bona fide members of such clubs whose County of Allegiance is other than Cumbria may play in the Championship Pairs and Championship Teams of Four.  Direct Members of the EBU who name Cumbria as their County of Allegiance may also play in the Championship competitions.
  3. Entry to all competitions to be made to the County TD by the closing date to be announced on the entry form. Late entries accepted at discretion of Tournament Organiser or Director.

Championship Pairs (MAJOR EVENT)

General. The event to be an all-play-all competition as far as possible. Green-pointed event.

Eligibility. County Club members irrespective of their County of Allegiance and Direct members of the EBU whose County of Allegiance is Cumbria

Systems and Treatments. Level 4

Scoring. Match pointed pairs. Ties broken by EBU methods.

Sponsorship.  The highest positioned pair with allegiance to Cumbria who wishes to proceed to the Corwen Trophy will have the entry fee paid and receive £20 per player expenses. Other pairs, with allegiance to Cumbria, who qualify and who wish to play in the Corwen Trophy will have to pay their own entry fee and will receive no expenses.