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Do You Need a Partner?


If you need a partner for any of our bridge sessions, please phone Adele.


Procedures Manual

Crowborough Bridge Club Procedures Manual

For information about how to use the dealing machine, scoring and use of Bridgemates.

You will find the manual at the bottom of the Information Section.

Our thanks go to Chris Bailey for taking the time and effort in producing the Manual.


To access latest EBU Rules and information - left hand menu - click on bridgewebs and then click on EBU Information and all will be revealed!!

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19th Apr 2015 09:45 BST
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Introduction to Crowborough Bridge Club
Introduction to Crowborough Bridge Club

We are a relaxed and friendly club, comprised of players with a wide range of abilities, from a Premier Grand Master, good players to improvers of various levels. If your standard is improver or better you are most welcome to join and every effort will be made to find you a partner if required, but of course it's easier if you bring your own partner. We have a host on Fridays for those who are without a partner on that day.

Conventions are mostly basic Acol. If you are unfamiliar with duplicate bridge you could come on a Thursday afternoon, when more experienced players will be available to help you. We have a host on Thursdays too.

We also hold relaxed and informal bridge classes for both beginners and improvers. Please visit the teaching section for more information.

Would visitors for all sessions please refer to the Information section.


Junior Teach-In 2015


This event is being held at Loughborough University

28th-30th August

It is open to all young people under the age of 21

The course is a fun packed weekend of bridge tuition, coaching and competitions, alongside social activities and sport.

William and his son have attended this course on two occasions and confirm how enjoyable the event is.

For more information please look at the flyer on the noticeboard or talk to William about the experience.





Andrew Corbett and Eddie Lucioni

       In second place Richard Penticost and Sylvia Hall

In third place William Bourne and Gavin Park

Evening Session Start Time

Evening Session Start Time

This will continue to be arrival at 7.15pm with 7.25pm being the very latest. Movement decisions can be made for a prompt start at 7.30pm.

For further details about the survey and the Committee's final decision, please go to the news page.



We are pleased to inform you that we now have a hosting rota on Fridays.

Thanks to our hosts it is running very smoothly.

If you turn up on your own you will be guaranteed a partner.

Adele will continue to help you find a partner on Mondays.



Have a look at the Competitions Pages to see progress in the master points races.

Police number to call if necessary is 0845-6070-999
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Sunday 26th April

Cross in Hand Match


Monday 4th May

The Greenhill Cups

For best Ladies Pair and best Gentlemens Pair


Friday 29th May

Trevor Cup

The annual teams of four competition



Recent Achievements by our Club Members

David Pavey Final

Ian Philipson and Chris Bailey came 4th.

Sussex League

William Bourne's Team came top in the 3rd division and have been promoted to the 2nd division. The team members are: William, Sylvia, Richard Penticost, Nick and Richard Clark.


This is a countrywide Club competition to find the best team of four.

Our B team performed very well. They won their matches against Dover A team, Folkstone A team and were narrowly beaten by West Sussex A team.

The team members were: Richard Clark, Richard Penticost, Richard Bird and Camilla Blackburn.


Thursday Afternoon Bridge

These sessions have settled down to a steady eight to nine tables and are enjoyed by all who take part.

A host is available to play with you should you have no partner.

Our thanks go to Linda Reed and her team for their efforts in organising and running this.

Cup Events
Information about our Cup events are on the "General Information" page.
24th Apr 2015
Club Duplicate
Scorer: Richard Bird
Dealer: Stephen Dennison
23rd Apr 2015
Club Duplicate
Scorer: Richard Bird
20th Apr 2015
Club Duplicate
Scorer: Richard Bird
Dealer: Stephen Dennison
17th Apr 2015
Club Duplicate
Scorer: William Bourne
Dealer: Stephen Dennison
16th Apr 2015
Scorer: Richard Bird
13th Apr 2015
British SIMS Pairs
Scorer: Richard Bird
Dealer: Stephen Dennison
10th Apr 2015
Club Duplicate
Scorer: Richard Bird
Dealer: Stephen Dennison
27th Apr 2015
Club Duplicate
Director: Geoff Crawford
Dealer: Stephen Dennison
1st May 2015
Club Duplicate
Dealer: Chris Bailey
4th May 2015
Club Duplicate
Dealer: Chris Bailey
8th May 2015
Club Duplicate
Dealer: Chris Bailey
11th May 2015
Dealer: Chris Bailey
15th May 2015
Club Duplicate
Dealer: Chris Bailey
18th May 2015
Dealer: Chris Bailey
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