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♠ Questionnaire on Earlier Starting Times - Results & Proposals ♠ 

We had 57 responses - which is nearly 3/4 of our anticipated membership this year.

a) Starting earlier in the evening will not encourage daytime players to begin playing in the evening. 

b) Half of those who play in the evening, even intermittently, favour an earlier start, and usually suggest either 7 or 7.15. However some make the comment that they will no longer be able to get to sessions on time if the sessions start earlier. Given that our evening numbers will not be increased from afternoon only players, and that evening nunbers are already of concern, the Committee is reluctant to adopt a change.

c) There were several comments suggesting that finishing earlier is actually the issue. But to do so would mean that we have to keep to time better.

We will be considering methods of improving our Time Keeping - see below.

d) Thursday Afternoon Hosting

We are seeking to re-introduce this, but have insufficient volunteer Hosts at present. Please contact Linda Reed if you would like to help - "", or 01892 652404

♠  2 Month Trial of Timekeeping Procedures to bring about earlier Finish Times ♠ 

a) See above

b) From Monday 3rd September, the Club will be conducting a 2-month trial with the objective of improving the Timekeeping of the Monday, Thursday & Friday (& other) Bridge Events. At the end of the trial members will be asked to evaluate the change & their enjoyment of sessions.

c) The Director will keep a watchful eye on the Time, & 5 minutes before the end of the Round is scheduled, will announce that no new Boards should be started. Any Table which has not started their last Board, will be asked to enter “No Play” (ie a ‘0’) on their Tablet.

d) If necessary, the Director will impose a Penalty for continued Lateness of Play.

♣  Tournament Directors

We are keen to extend our list of Directors. Currently the following are potentially available to us:

Richard Bird, Geoff Crawford, Adele Holder, Nick Levine, Eddie Lucioni, Linda Reed, Chris Sandford, Pat Warren

If you know of others who may be interested, please contact our Chair Person, Linda Reed @ or 01892 652404


♠ Partnership Availability ♠ 

Mary Rexstrew has kindly agreed to take this service over. Contact her on "" or 01892 653 910

♠ Handicap Teams Competition Results ♣ 

   See below

 The Crowborough Bridge Club Data Privacy Policy

Please make sure that you have acknowledged this.


♠ Please contact Chris Bailey if you have any Web Site queries on 01825 733 655 or on, or 07941 755 395

Monthly Bridge Teans

Handicap Teams Competition

Results as af 30/07/2018

Team                     Total Imps              Handicap Imps 

William Bourne                        155                                    81

Chris Bailey                             140                                    71   

Adele Holder                             44                                     21



Would members please not park in the disabled parking spaces unless they possess and display a blue disabled badge.

EBU News
EBU News

To access latest EBU Rules and information - left hand menu - click on bridgewebs and then click on EBU Information and all will be revealed!!

Welcome to Crowborough Bridge Club
Introduction to Crowborough Bridge Club
Introduction to Crowborough Bridge Club

We are a relaxed and very friendly club, comprised of players with a wide range of abilities.

If you need a partner for any of our bridge sessions, please refer to the notice below.

Conventions are mostly Acol. If you are unfamiliar with duplicate bridge, experienced players will be available to help you.

Would visitors for all sessions please refer to the Information Section.

We hold a teams event every last Friday of the month. These have proved to be very enjoyable and popular.

Near the event there is a "sign up" sheet on the notice board.

Evening and Afternoon Session Start Time

Evening and Afternoon Session Start Time

Monday and Friday Evening - Arrival time 7.15pm

 with 7.20pm being the very latest.

Movement and Scoring decisions can be made for a prompt start at 7.30pm.

Thursday Afternoon - Arrival time 1.15pm with 1.20pm being the very latest.

Movement and Scoring decisions can be made for a prompt start at 1.30pm.


Bridge Lessons with Adele

A six week course to prepare for playing at the club, practicing duplicate bridge and improvement in the areas below.     

Date: Wednesday October 3rd.    Book early to avoid disappointment.  

Time: 1.30pm - 3.30pm   Cost £5 per session including refreshments

         Emphasis will be on:

a) improving bidding using the system card and         

b) play of the hand and defending throughout the course.

The order of each lesson :

1. No Trump shaped hands    2. Bidding suits including overcalls    3. Doubles and sacrificing    4. Methods when defending including signals    5. Strong hands including bidding slams    6. System card and practice  

Contact Adele on: 01892 888001    or by e-mail:

Finding a Partner

Do you Need a Partner?

Please contact Mary Rexstrew by e-mail:

or phone 01892 653 910

Membership List


 This is now available. 

Moira is our Membership Secretary.

If you require a copy of the list, please e-mail her:

There are a few paper copies at the club.

Police number to call if necessary is 0845-6070-999
Future Events


   ♠ Monday 27th August Bank Holiday


Recent Successes

Winners of our Annual Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays Competitions

Our congratulations go to the following members:


1st Chris Sandford  2nd Richard Clark  3rd Adele Holder


1st Ian Carruthers  2nd Sydney Moss  3rd Margaret Carruthers


1st Chris Bailey  2nd Sylvia Hall   3rd Richard Bird

Building Application News

Wealden MP Nus Ghani has responded to pressure from Crowborough and is referring Wealden District Council’s Mead House planning decision to James Brokenshire the new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

He has the power to take the decision out of Wealden’s hands and to ask a local government planning inspector to rule on the site.

This action is also supported by Crowborough’s two County Councillors, Cllr Richard Stogdon and Cllr Sylvia Tidy.

Cup Events
Information about our Cup events are on the "General Information" page.
Friday Pairs
Scorer: Chris Bailey
Thursday Pairs
Scorer: Chris Sandford
Monday Pairs
Scorer: Richard Bird
Scorer: Chris Bailey
Scorer: David Fellows
Scorer: Chris Bailey
Scorer: William Bourne
20th Aug 2018
Monday Pairs
23rd Aug 2018
Thursday Pairs
24th Aug 2018
27th Aug 2018
Closed - No Play
30th Aug 2018
Thursday Pairs
31st Aug 2018
Friday Pairs
3rd Sep 2018
Monday Pairs