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How it all began. Click on the picture above to find out. Some of you may remember this!!!



Welcome to Bridge At Crockham Hill - BACH

Hi All

There are new Data Protection requirements which come into effect on 25th May. The Club is working towards ensuring we meet the relevant criteria. As part of the requirements we must inform you what data we hold and how we use it.

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Hello and welcome to Bridge At Crockham Hill.


We meet every Monday (except Bank Holidays) @ 7.30pm and have both beginners and intermediate sections playing in a friendly atmosphere. 

Additional details can be found on the "Visitors & Information" tab on the left side of this page We are not affiliated to the EBU and do not issue Masterpoints.

c50% of the table money is donated to the Myeloma charity in memory of Tony Gifford. Last year we donated £4,000 and this year we have donated £4,000 making £13,000 in the last 3 years.


Our ethos is that bridge should

Be Amicable Courteous and Harmonious. smiley


A history of the Club can be found in this book . Click on the book to find out more

Thank You from Wynne

Tony would have been so thrilled to see BACH twenty years on and so many bridge players enjoying their game and each other's company.  He so much wanted me to continue what he'd started, but I couldn't, alone, have managed to do it.
The success of Bridge at Crockham Hill today is a tribute to the team efforts of:-
Amanda and Irene for overseeing the setting up of the hall and monitoring the signing-in book
Sue for taking on organising you throughout the evening
Ian for looking after the money and for organising the boards and the scoring
Val and Hazel for making sure tea, coffee and lovely biscuits are available and making sure kitchen is left clean and tidy - however, you are still responsible for your own washing up and putting away!! Hazel's tea towels are for general use!!
Steve for seeing everyone off the premises and locking up
Pam for her tireless efforts to keep the red section going to encourage less experienced players to join in and - hopefully - move into the main section.
And I nearly forgot Reg, without whose expertise you wouldn't have this wonderful website where you can book in, view last night's results, trawl through past records, study all sort of statistics ...
My role in this well-oiled machine is simply to be on stand-by on Monday evenings to play with anyone who needs a partner, so please do come along as I always need one myself!
Thank you all for your support and remember what BACH stands for:-
Be Amicable Courteous Harmonious or Bridge And Company=Happiness!



We are 20 Years Young!!!!



20 YEARS AGO Tony had a vision.

The vision became a reality.

20 YEARS LATER The reality lives on

Some of you were there in the early days.

Many of us have benefited since.

Anniversary drinks at the Christmas Party, some original members returning and a free night.

Date 18th Dec.............................wink





Oscars 2016 -17

Well done to John Boorman for his first championship win with an average of 57.04%, the secongd highest ever winners %, after finishing runner-up last year.

Many thanks to Wynne for being our "emergency host" during the year and presenting prizes on the night.

The full list of Winners can be found by clicking on the  picture below or this link           Oscars 2016-17.pdf





The full "Hall of Fame" showing the winners in all the categories for this and previous years can be found by clicking  on the picture below. 


All previous years tables are available in the "Results Archive" menu on the left






Annual Accounts & Myeloma

  The Annual Accounts for 2016/17 are now available.

We have had another successful donation raising year. We generated a surplus of £4,748 in the year to June 2017. We have donated a further £5,000 to Myeloma UK making it 18,000 that we have donated in the last 4 years. We have £855 in reserve.The full accounts can be obtained via this link.  BACH Accounts year to 30 June 2017.pdf.   Ian is more thn happy to answer any questions


♠ In 2015, Myeloma uk have posted  a great story about Tony and the  website thanking the club for our continuing support of their work. Click the link below for more details.



Tandridge Heights Bridge

Mirella, the Activity Organiser at Tandridge Heights, has asked if there are any bridge players who would be willing to give occasional time to go up to TH to play bridge with some of the residents - afternoons after 2.30 preferred - but happy to accommodate.
Contact her on:

07502 368995 or
O1883 715595




Latest News -


  • Oscars.Awards and prior year stats can be found in the Hall of Fame and Archive menus.
  • Annual Accounts. Another successful donation raising year. See Accounts above
  • Next Red Section 12th March
  • Valentines day Competition Winners in Blue section NS tie:- Anne Hughes & Susanne Moller + Jo Alberry & Stan Holt. EW David Andrews & Jo Worsley. In Red Section Jean Taylor & Vivien Nattrass + Pam Deverill & Howard Higgins
  • New website features. Interactively replay hands and see graphical analysis of performance
  • Volunteer meet held 12th Jan. Minutes on website under information.
  • Red Section. Currently playing on the 2nd Monday of each month.
  • UPDATE TO WEBSITE.  You can download a full set of hands or a specific hand and play it on your Bridge software. The layout of the Traveller has been changed to make it easier to read and also display the actual cards in a larger view. ......Check it out..
  • The Webmasters handout is available in the Webmasters Tips section of the website.
  • Limpsfield British Legion for Wynne’s sessions.  A ‘mixed ability’ group, so there is likely to be someone to play with who is your level.  Wednesday's 09:30 – 11:50. Use the "contact us" form at the top right of the screen to get more details.


Book in, Cancel, Request a Partner or Contact the Club
Book in, Cancel, Request a Partner or Contact the Club

Please use the form in the menu on the left side of this page to do any of these.


Results & Calendar

These are shown below. Older Results, Personal Log and Averages can be found under the "Results" and "Stats" menus on the left side of this page.


Replaying Hands & Graphical Analysys now Available
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Replay Hands and see Graphical view of weekly percentage and averages.

Click to find out more Hands Graphs.pdf


"This is the last time you call a slam"

Computer Generated Hands - Myth Busters !!
Want to see how the hands are generated and put into the boards?
Click on links below if you want to satisfy your curiosity. There is also sound.
Are Computer generated hands fixed - Myth Busters and explanation of Optimum Contracts
And this is why manual shuffling does not work as well as computer shuffling
Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
23rd Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
30th Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
7th May 2018
No bridge
14th May 2018
Duplicate Pairs
21st May 2018
Duplicate Pairs