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Cringleford Bridge Club
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The Cringleford Bridge Club is a friendly club looking for new members with some experience of duplicate bridge.

We meet every Tuesday evening for three hours from 6.45 pm at the Cringleford Pavilion, Cringleford Recreation Ground, Oakfields Road, Cringleford Village, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 6XF. 

Annual £10 Subscription plus £1 pound per person per night.

Playing partners are preferred but not essential.  Playing partners can't be arranged on the night and therefore if required please contact the Secretary in advance. 

For this, more information, or an application form, please email:

or call: 078708 25294




The following notes will tell you most of what you need to know about us:


1. Venue

The Pavilion in the Cringleford Recreation Ground at the end of Oakfields Road, Cringleford village, NR4 6XF. (3F on page 35 of the Norwich A-Z.)

2. Start Time 

We play for about three hours every Tuesday, starting by 6.45 PM. If you arrive  by 6:30 PM this enables the director to organise prompt commencement of the evening's play.


3. Finishing Time

After playing typically 21 boards (hands) we usually finish before 10 PM. Rarely do we exceed this time.


4. What We Play

We play duplicate pairs bridge. Cards are shuffled, dealt and put into bidding boxes by the players at each table before play commences. Please note, we do not adhere to Law 22A.

If no player at the table wishes to bid, the cards are reshuffled and re-dealt. If, after re-deal, there is still no opening bid, the hand is 'passed out'. Otherwise, we adhere to the rules in the EBU Book of Laws. We have a team of directors, all of whom have attended directing courses. They play during the session. We use bidding boxes to keep the noise level down.


5. Break (absence of!)

We have no facilities for tea or coffee-making, so play proceeds without a break (although some members bring a thermos).


6. Scoring

A team of four scorers take it in turn to take both the travellers and the scorecards home. The travellers are checked for errors and the scores entered into a computer program which calculates the match points for N/S and E/W separately. We don't normally do arrow-switching.

The results are displayed on the noticeboard in the Pavilion the following week. We also email results to those members with Internet access shortly after the results are calculated. Please provide us with your email address if you would like the results emailed to you.


7. Subscription and Table Money

A subscription of £10 per member falls during the first week of September each year. In addition, each week, before play commences, each member places £1 into the honesty box left out by the Treasury (please see 9 below).


8. Playing Equipment And Furniture

As we are not the sole users of the Pavilion, we have to set out the tables, chairs and playing equipment at the start of each session and put them away again at the end. It is greatly appreciated if the able-bodied members could assist in these chores.


9.Trial Period


The first four attendances at the club are a trial period and the table money for these play sessions is £2 pounds per member. If you decide our club is not for you (or vice versa) we can amicably  part.


10. EBU

The club is not affiliated to the English Bridge union (EBU)  and do not collect EBU points. 


We think this covers most aspects of the club's practices. The atmosphere at the club is friendly and easy-going. 

If you would like to know more, please email our secretary Jo on:



Know more?
Know more?

If you would like to know more, please email our secretary Jo Nixon on:


Know more?
Know more?

If you would like to know more, please email our secretary Jo Nixon on: