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Welcome to Columbia Bridge Club

CBC promotes the game of duplicate bridge in this community. Our Club provides a range of opportunities for players of all levels to join in the play, have fun, meet new people and learn more about the game. We are a Zero Tolerance club, which means we insist on courteous behavior at all times.

Last updated : Jul 10, 2018 20:02 EDT
CBC Holiday Party - December 1


Tickets on Sale thru Novembr 28th


Assorted Casseroles, Salad,
Wine, Beer, Soda


Bring a Dessert to Share
and Your Favorite Partner
For a Festive Afternoon of Bridge

Last updated : Nov 4, 2018 22:55 EST

The Individual Game game for Thursday Evening,
November 15,
has been CANCELLED
due to not enough players signed up.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
Last updated : Nov 14, 2018 20:53 EST
Instant Matchpoint Game




ONE GOLD POINT was awarded to each of the WINNERS!  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Last updated : Oct 31, 2018 19:51 EDT
To all CBC Members
It has come to my attention that the cubbies,  near the breakroom, have been filling up with miscellanious items belonging to our club members.  It is fine to store items in them while the game is going on, but afterwards each of our players should remove all of  their personal belongings.  Several members have commented that items are remaining in them weeks at a time, and our club is looking very cluttered  - Items are spilling out and looking very messy.   All items that remain in the cubbies will be put in lost and found.
I would like  to ask for everyone's help in keeping our club looking neat and clean.
Thank you,
MaryAnn Cross, CBC President. 
Last updated : Sep 25, 2018 09:42 EDT
Under 300 Masterpoints Play Free on Special Saturdays

The generous benefactor for this game has extended this game!  It will continune - once a month for any player under 300 points one Saturday a month for thru January 2019!  This donor would like to see the Saturday game continue to grow and while this is not necessarily about the money, it is more to get newer players in and socialize with CBC members.  We encourage those  under 300 to ask someone over 300 to play with you, or come with your current partner. This will continue to be an Open Pairs game. Please look for this on the CBC calendar and come play.

Last updated : Jul 9, 2018 10:30 EDT
Play and Learn

How do you get better? ... you PLAY and LEARN.  This is geared for those beginner and intermediate players who want to hone their skills and be competitive at the next level.

Could We Have Set Them?
Should I Duck the First Trick?
How Can We Find the No Trump Game?
We Were the Only Pair NOT in the Slam – Again!

Do you want to improve your game or learn something new?  Then come to PLAY and LEARN with Chris Webb.  One Saturday each month, Chris will review the boards you’ve just played.   He will pick out interesting boards, difficult boards, explain a winning line of play, show how to defeat the contract or just answer questions.

The regular game fee applies but there is no additional charge for the session with Chris – so stay after the game and learn something new!

Check the calendar each month for this special session, then call your favorite partner and join us at the CBC. 

Last updated : Jul 10, 2018 20:21 EDT

77 Brighton Hill Road,  Columbia, SC 29223
Phone: (803) 386-7010 

Play and Learn

Next Session: November 17 - Mike Bitonti leads the post game discussion.

Under 300 Masterpoints Play Free on Special Saturdays

Next Session: November 24 at 12:30 PM.  You will need a partner for this game, but the partner does not need to be under 300 MP. 

Birthday Game
Birthday Game

   December 8 @ 12:30 PM

   December Babies Play Free!

November 17, 2018
Play and Learn
4:00 PM
November 18, 2018
Open Individual
1:30 PM
November 19, 2018
Club Membership 0-50 Pairs
10:00 AM
GNT Fund Open Pairs
Director: Bel Cross
Open & 0-1000 Pairs
Director: Mary Townhill
Club Membership Open Pairs
Director: Mary Townhill