Release 2.19m

There is a scam email being sent to ACBL Unit Board members and possible any Unit member,  requesting money be sent on behalf of the unit.  Delete!

Unit 360 Board

Next meeting, Thursday, January 10,  3:45.


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D17 Buzz

Check the Buzz for what's happening in District 17.

D17 Scorecard

D 17 Scorecard

D17 Scorecard is now a digital only publication. Until now it arrived in your mail as a newspaper. In a lot of ways it is now much easier to read. You can skip to any article that interests you. It is completely portable, so you can read it on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

District 17 now has both an Apple and Android "app" for ScoreCard.  Load this free application and get instant access to the current edition of ScoreCard, the D17 bi-monthly magazine.


Snow Closures

The Bridge Center closes with D11 School District.

Click for information.

Results Help

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Need a Partner, Results Information & Play it Again Help

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Registration Help

Registrations from the old web site did not transfer here.  Please register again.  If you need help, send an email to You can also check with Karen Campbell or Jeff Rapp at the Bridge Center.

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Need a Partner?

Click on Find a Partner on the left side bar.  You will be asked to Login.  After your login you will see choices listed.  PR is Partner required.  Check the box next to the game date you need a partner.  You can then select what information to show to reach you.  Confirm.  We are hoping this feature will be used often to find a partner for a game.

Do you see a partner is needed on a game listed on the right side?  Click on Partner ?  The Partner Needed page will open and you will see who needs a partner and how to contact them.

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Results Help

Under Results on the Home Page Right Side Bar click on Game Date   You may also get results from Games Calendar or Results on the Left Side bar.  

Click on your name to bring up details and highlight your name.

To view the results with players names listed in "Scorecards" select "More Details".  Also select the Board you want to view by number.




You may also set your computer to show names for Travellers on the Results Page.




To go to "Bridge Solver Online" click on icon.  It shows the hands with makeable contracts.



The information is very detailed.  For an explanation click here.


The Personal Analysis menu item will give information on your last few games.  You must be a member to access the information.

To register as a member select "Membership" on the left side bar.

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Play it Again

Click to Hand.  Select Play it Again.  You may select any contract shown as makeable or an empty contract to play.

Click on desired cards to play.

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