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We are Unit 360 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). We cover the general Colorado Springs region, between Denver and Pueblo. 

The Bridge Center has served the community for 39 years!   Because we own the building, Unit 360 can offer bridge games at very affordable prices. Our standard game entry fee is $5.00. Check out our game schedule.

Unit Board members:

Jean Collins - President

Karen Campbell - Vice President, Betty Davis  - Secretary, Linda Nicholos - Treasurer

Board Members at Large: Barbara Kaiser, Don Washburn, Jim McRae, Sara Lynn Thomas

Click here to read the latest approved minutes of our Board meetings.

Click here for a copy of our Unit 360 Bylaws.

Click here for a copy of the Unit 360 Policy Manual.

Unit 360 is an affiliated Unit of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL)

Unit 360 is part of ACBL's District 17