Collins Bridge Club

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Using the CBAI Handicap Guidelines, handicaps are shown for all Club Members. CBAI offers two models:

  • A player's handicap is the difference, in percentage, between the Club’s average winning percentage (currently about 62.1%) and the player’s average percentage over a period. For example, a player with an average of 50% would have a handicap of 12%.
  • A stricter option, giving a player 2/3 of the above allowance. The player with an average of 50% would now have a handicap of 8%.

​We have selected the stricter option.

Room A's average winning percentage (currently 61.67%) is somewhat lower than that of Room B (currently 63.19%). This is to be expected, as more senior Grades, when they compete against each other, usually win with a lower percentage than others do. Therefore, to ensure fairest outcome, a player's handicap is reckoned against his or her Room's average winning percentage, rather than the Club's. This is particularly important for Major (two-session) Events, when the Rooms are merged.

The foregoing is not to discourage players from moving from Room to Room. It is based on the statistics of player preference. Most players prefer one Room over the other. Where a player chooses Rooms more or less equally, the Club's average winning percentage will be used.  

Usually we go back six months of play to determine a player's average. A minimum of three games is needed.

Also, a cut-off (maximum permitted handicap) based on Grade is shown: 0% for National and Regional Masters, 3% for Masters, 7% for A1, 11% for A2 and 15% for ‘B’ players. This maximum of 15% is more or less in line with CBAI’s stricter option. We extend this to 18% maximum for Novices. On our printout, players affected by Grade cut-off have their handicaps shown in RED.

Handicaps in BLUE are for players who have not played three or more games in the last six Season months: they retain their old handicaps, or – if new members – they are assigned a handicap.

In addition to mathematical and grade settings, the Handicap Committee may make any other adjustments it considers appropriate. Currently under "General Play", a cut of 1% is applied to Major Double-Night Prize Cup holders, unless they are already affected by a RED Grade cut-off. 

Every two months or so, all handicaps will be revised, using the CBAI formula described above, and again based on a player's last six months of play.

Members are welcome to make submissions to the Handicap Committee:

  • For the improvement of the Handicap System generally;
  • On their own handicaps.

Handicap Committee: Imelda Cullinan, Cormac Lalor, Gerard O'Halloran.

Ref: Appendix VII to CBAI’s Organisational Guideline for Clubs – “Suggested Handicap System for Clubs” ( ).