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17th Apr 2018 21:16 BST
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Minutes of the Annual General Meetings held on 25 April 2017 now available via the Club Information link in the Members Area.

Welcome to Colchester Castle Bridge Club
AGM 2018

The Colchester Castle Bridge Club Annual General Meeting will be held on

Tuesday 1st. May 2018 commencing at 12.30pm

Please attend promptly.

For further information please click on the boxes to the right for the following

AGM Agenda

Background notes relating to the proposed change of venue

Form of Proxy for members unable to attend the AGM


If your details have changed since you first joined the club or if your details change in the future, will you please ensure that you let the Club Secretary, David Livingstone, know preferably e-mail.

His contact details are as follows:-


Beginners Sessions will be held every Thursday from 1.30 p.m. until 3.30 p.m. at the Quaker Meeting House

No partner is required. The hosts will make up pairs.

The aim is to have a sociable duplicate bridge session in a friendly atmosphere.

Beginners use basic Acol as their bidding system. There is no formal teaching but more experienced players are on hand to advise.

Anyone interested should contact Bob Ferris on 01206 866 845 or 07963 772393 or by email

Players are requested to arrive at least 15 minutes before play is due to start.
The reason for this is simple, the Director has to sort out which movement is to be played and if people arrive late this will often mean that the movement to be played has to be changed at the last moment.
Not only does this cause problems for the Director but it delays the start of play and thus disrupts the afternoon for those players who have arrived on time. 


Filling out Travellers is not rocket science and when they are not completed correctly can cause major problems for the scorer. Please observe the following

1. North is responsible for PRINTING on the back of one of the Travellers the FULL names of BOTH the pairs playing on their first table with the pair numbers and their positions. East must check that this has been done correctly.

2. North is responsible for completing the Traveller after each board is played. East must then be shown the Traveller and it is their responsibility to check that what has been entered is correct.

3. ALL players must pay attention to what they are being told before play begins and during the breaks in between rounds

The simple observance of the above will make life much easier for everyone especially the scorer.

Your attention is also drawn to the article Etiquette During Play in the left hand margin on the Web Site, as observance of these few points will make the afternoon more enjoyable for everyone
If you are looking for a partner for a Tuesday or Thursday please contact Ann Bradshaw by telephone or e-mail.
Her contact details are
Telephone:- 01206 549 384

Director: Neil Riley
Scorer: Edward Neil Riley
Director: Peter Godfrey
Scorer: Peter Godfrey
Director: Bob Ferris
Scorer: Philip Webb
19th Apr 2018
Beginners Club
Director: David Seales
Scorer: Bob Ferris
24th Apr 2018
Director: Neil Riley
Scorer: Neil Riley
26th Apr 2018
Director: Philip Webb
Scorer: Philip Webb