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Please watch out for, and respond to (if you don't want to that's fine but no moaning about decisions not to your liking!) an email from our Committee Chairman regarding future social events.
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Web Site

The Clockhouse Bridge Club

Welcome to the Clockhouse Bridge Club Website, hosted by Bridgewebs at:

If you add this to your 'favourites' (in Internet Explorer) or 'bookmark' it on some other browsers, you will be able to get onto the site with two clicks.

This site is where you will find the results from the last scored session.  Other news and announcements will be made as necessary.

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2011 17:30 GMT
Picture of The Clockhouse Bridge Club in Session
Picture of The Clockhouse Bridge Club in Session This picture shows the session on Tuesday 15th November 2011.  The director for the evening, Mollie Walker, can be seen standing in the centre.  There were 9 full tables.
Last updated : 30th Apr 2013 23:42 BST
Don't Forget the News Page

Announcements may be published on the News Page to keep this Home Page free of clutter, so please do look regularly at that page - and not just at the latest results!

While on the subject of results, if you go to the Competitions Page you can see several lists:

The Individual Ranking List for this year and last.  This shows the individual ranking irrespective of partners over all the playing sessions to date from the beginning of the club year, for all members who have played at least 8 times.

Pair Rankings List for this year and last.  This lists the ranking for pairs, which means how you are doing with your regular partner.  Regular, here, means the partner you have played with most, and with a minimum of 6 sessions.

Master Points List is calculated but as we aren't EBU affiliated these are not displayed.

Individual and Pairs Results by session for the last year. Note there are 2 sessions each year (September to December and January to June) plus the special Summer bridge on Thursdays only in July and August. 
Last updated : 8th Jan 2014 17:15 GMT
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Important - Member Area
If anyone has any problems logging in to the member area then please try their latest email address, if this doesn't work then please get in contact with Philippa Brunton.
Arrival Times

If you want the club to find a partner for a session, you must arrive by 7.15 pm; we will then guarantee to find you a partner.  Arrive later and there is no guarantee, though we will do our best.

Even with a partner, please make every effort to arrive by 7.20 pm.

2nd September 2014
Director: Christopher Bell
4th September 2014
Director: Doug Smit
28th August 2014
Summer Duplicate
Director: Barbara Doyle-Davidson
Scorer: Joyce Dennison
21st August 2014
Summer Duplicate
Director: Joyce Dennison
Scorer: Joyce Dennison
14th August 2014
Summer Duplicate
Director: Michael Hartnall
Scorer: Michael Hartnall
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