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Chairman: Sue Osborne
020 8398 2589

Secretary: Julie Gardiner

01932 242 190


Treasurer: David Rotherham

Duplimater and Website: Gavin Wilson

01372 467428


Host Rota 2015
Up to the end of June

alphabetically, by first name:

Bobby Guillaume: 31st Aug

Bob Edmonds: 1st Feb 2016

Carol Wildig: 28th Sep

David Rotherham: 20th Apr

Elizabeth Adkins: 7th Sep

Janet Johnson: 3rd Aug

Janet Kefford: 17th Aug

Jill Latter: 7th Dec

Joan Low: 21st Sep

John French: 19th Oct

Judy Hickman: 20th Jul

Julie Minard: 22nd Feb 2016

June Retter: 29th Feb 2016

June Rose: 2nd Nov

Kais: 5th Oct

Kathryn: 26th Oct

Koon-Wah: 8th Jun

Maria: 15th Feb 2016

Mary Blundell: 22nd Jun

Muriel: 18th Jan 2016

Nigel: 1st Jun & 19th Nov

Pauline Harris: 30th Nov

Pat McRobbie: 2nd Mar

Peter Trew: 18th May

Sue Allen: 13th Jul

Sue Jackson: 4th Jan 2016

Sue Osborne: 6th Jul

Sue Rawlins: 25th Jan 2016

Tony: 11th May

Valerie: 27th Jul

Vanessa: 29th Jun

Viki: 23rd Nov

Wendy Johnson: 27th Apr

Yvette: 15th June

For the list in date order, see box on right-hand side.

If you are thinking of leaving any money to this club in your will, we would put it towards the purchase of an electronic scoring system, which costs around £3,000. This would enable players to see their progress 'live' on a display screen each Monday evening, and not have to wait until the next day to learn their final score.

Scorer Rota

Here is the general time-tabling principle agreed between Carol, Tony and Gavin:

  • 1st Monday in month: Carol Wildig
  • 2nd Monday: Tony Baker
  • 3rd Monday: Gavin Wilson
  • 4th Monday: Gavin
  • 5th Monday (if there is one): Tony

Recent Updates
Committee Meetings
31st Mar 2015 13:17 BST
Meetings of the Club
31st Mar 2015 13:14 BST
One Club. One Heart. One Reasonable Night Out.
31st Mar 2015 09:45 BST
Victor Ludorum
29th Mar 2015 19:31 BST
Princess Alice Hospice -- Teams event on Sunday 3rd May

The annual charity teams event in West End Lane, Esher, runs from 1pm to 8pm on Sunday 3rd May.  All proceeds will go directly to the Princess Alice Hospice.  Teams of all standards participate in this event.  Anyone familiar with duplicate club bridge will enjoy this competition.

Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day, and a bumper spread will be served at tea-time.

The entry fee, which includes refreshments, is £80 per team, that is, £20 per person.

Entry forms are available at the Claygate Club on Monday evenings.  Otherwise please phone IAN CAVE on 01932 865 414.

Is your victory correctly commemorated on this site?

We have recently completed a draft listing of 'Who did what?' and 'Who won what?' for the club since its foundation in 1979.  This was an extraordinarily large piece of work for our new secretary, Julie Gardiner, to go through all the old AGM minutes written up by previous secretaries of the club.

If you would like to check whether your successes and club duties are correctly recorded on this site, please go to 'Roll of Honour', which is a hidden tab reached by first clicking 'Who, Where and When?' on the left-hand side-bar.

The table you reach is a little wide, and the font a little small, but much space was saved by condensing 'Betty Bueno' down to 'BB'.

Many thanks


The Top Twenty in the 2014 Victor Ludorum

Many congratulations to Nigel in winning the Club's endurance prize.


Claygate Bridge Club Victor Ludorum 2014 -- The Top Twenty
Position Member Master Points 2014
1st Nigel Barnes 786
2nd David Rotherham 737
3rd Mike Mulligan 733
4th Betty Bueno 714
5th June Retter 651
6th Sue Rawlins 638
7th Jaime Bueno 618
8th Phil Chan 616
9th Julie Gardiner 584
10th Cynthia Lievens 574
11th Janet Adams 531
12th Lay-Choo Tan 474
13th= John McKimmie


13th= Kathryn McKimmie


15th Pat McRobbie 445
16th Sue Jackson 421
17th= Robin McDonagh 408
17th= Bob Edmonds 408
19th= Vida Smith 405
19th= June Buckland 405


Sino-Scots Victory in Club Championship

Here is the complete final league table:

Club Championship 2014-15
Rank Partnership Total Score
1 Nigel Barnes and Phil Chan 8
2 Mike Mulligan and David Rotherham 12
3 Betty and Jaime Bueno 15
4= Pat McRobbie and Janet Adams 21
4= George Gardiner and Elisa Money 21
6 June Buckland and Judy Hickman 27
7 Christine Chevalier and Wendy Johnson 33
8= Julie Gardiner and Cynthia Lievens 38
8= Lay-Choo Tan and Sue Rawlins 38
10 Tony Baker and June Rose 39
11 Deanne and Kevin Goddard 43
12 Pam Harries and June McKernan 47
13 Kay and Gavin Wilson 49
14 Rosemary Collin and Ken England 55
15 Yvette Barton and Muriel Hodder 58
16= Joan Coates and Val North 59
16= Janet Kefford and Joan Low 59
18 Pat Orton and Judy Reilly 75
19 May and Rick Holt 83
20 Jill Latter and Pam Normington 89


The Rules are as follows:

  1. The yearly Club Championship is held on the second Monday of each month from August to February inclusive.  That gives each qualifying pair seven opportunities to participate.
  2. There will be one winning pair on each Club Championship evening.  This will usually entail a Mitchell movement with an arrow switch towards the end.
  3. This is a Pairs competition restricted to members only.  A ranking achieved by a visiting pair, or a member playing with a visitor, will be struck from the Club Championship records, and the rankings of all member pairs beneath them will be adjusted upwards.
  4. The score achieved by each qualifying pair on a Club championship evening is the ranking obtained on that evening. For example, they score a '1' if they came first, or a '2' if they came second.
  5. Each pair’s best four scores are used to calculate their final position.  These four scores are then added together.
  6. The overall winners of the Club Chamoionship are the qualifying pair with the lowest total score.
  7. Should play on any of the championship’s stated dates have to be cancelled for any reason, a new date will be decided by the Committee.
100 members and counting

The Club's membership has now reached its highest level for several years.  As there are justified concerns about noise levels in the room when we have more than 15 tables, we would like to put a ceiling on the membership.  We will soon reinstate the Waiting List for prospective new members.  So if anyone is thinking about joining, or any member letting their membership lapse, now is the time to act before the Waiting List is activated. 

Member Subscriptions Now Due

Subscriptions are now due for 2015. You can pay your £10 fee to David Rotherham in two forms: by cash or cheque made out to 'Claygate Bridge Club'. 

  • Cheques can be posted to David at 70, Collingwood Crescent, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2PF, or handed to him at the club.
  • Cash can only be handed to David at the club, not posted.
  • Please pay promptly. Too many bruises and broken limbs have been sustained in previous years by members who thwarted the Treasurer.

​Many thanks



Meets every Monday (Bank Holidays excepted) at 7.30 pm

at Claygate Day Centre, Elm Road, Claygate.

Tel: 01372 463476    Map  

Visitors and new members are very welcome.


Table money, including refreshments, is normally £3.00 for members and £4.00 for visitors.

Would-be members should contact our Secretary Julie Gardiner (see Contacts) for details of joining fees, subscriptions and any other relevant information.

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30th Mar 2015
Director: Gavin
Scorer: Tony
Duplimater: Gavin
23rd Mar 2015
Director: Kevin Goddard
Scorer: Gavin Wilson
Duplimater: Gavin
16th Mar 2015
Director: Julie
Scorer: Carol
Duplimater: Gavin
9th Mar 2015
AGM Pairs
Director: Julie Gardiner
Scorer: Tony Baker
Duplimater: Gavin
6th Apr 2015
NO BRIDGE (Easter Monday)
13th Apr 2015
Teams of Four
Director: Julie
Scorer: Tony
Host: --NONE--
Duplimater: Gavin
20th Apr 2015
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Gavin
Host: David Rotherham
Duplimater: Gavin
27th Apr 2015
Director: Kevin
Scorer: Gavin
Host: Wendy Johnson
Duplimater: Gavin
4th May 2015
NO BRIDGE: Bank Holiday
11th May 2015
Director: Julie
Scorer: Tony
Host: Tony
Duplimater: Gavin
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