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Chairman: Tony Baker
020 8398 3918

Secretary: Wendy Stainer

 07910 713990


Treasurer: David Rotherham





Host Rota 2015
Until February 2016

alphabetically, by first name:

No Host - Teams: 17 Aug

Janet Kefford: 24 Aug

No Host -Bank Holiday: 31 Aug

Bob Edmonds: 1st Feb 2016

Carol Wildig: 28th Sep

Janet Johnson: 3rd Aug

Jill Latter: 7th Dec

Joan Low: 21st Sep

John French: 19th Oct

Judy Hickman: 20th Jul

Julie Minard: 22nd Feb 2016

June Retter: 29th Feb 2016

June Rose: 2nd Nov

Kais: 5th Oct

Kathryn: 26th Oct

Koon-Wah: 8th Jun

Maria: 15th Feb 2016

Mary Blundell: 22nd Jun

Muriel: 18th Jan 2016

Nigel: 1st Jun & 19th Nov

Pauline Harris: 30th Nov

Sue Allen: 13th Jul

Sue Jackson: 4th Jan 2016

Sue Rawlins: 25th Jan 2016

Tony: 7th May Sep

Valerie: 27th Jul

Vanessa: 15th Jun

Viki: 23rd Nov

Yvette: 29th June

For the list in date order, see box on right-hand side.

If you are thinking of leaving any money to this club in your will, we would put it towards the purchase of an electronic scoring system, which costs around £3,000. This would enable players to see their progress 'live' on a display screen each Monday evening, and not have to wait until the next day to learn their final score.

Scorer Rota

Here is the general time-tabling principle agreed between Carol, Tony and (Position Vacant):

  • 1st Monday in month: Carol Wildig
  • 2nd Monday: Tony Baker
  • 3rd Monday: (Position Vacant)
  • 4th Monday: (Position Vacant)
  • 5th Monday (if there is one): Tony

Recent Updates
Home Page
25th Aug 2015 19:33 BST
Roll of Honour
24th Jun 2015 14:22 BST
Keeping Things Going
14th Jun 2015 17:05 BST
11th Jun 2015 19:11 BST

Meets every Monday (Bank Holidays excepted) at 7.30 pm

at Claygate Day Centre, Elm Road, Claygate.

Tel: 01372 463476    Map  

Visitors and new members are very welcome.


Table money, including refreshments, is normally £3.00 for members and £4.00 for visitors.

Would-be members should contact our Secretary (see Contacts) for details of joining fees, subscriptions and any other relevant information.


Congratulations to Team 4: Moira Shearer, John Taylor, Bob Edmonds and Robin McDonagh winners of

the Multiple Teams event

on 17th August. 

To all Directors: Boards for a Two-section Session

Now that the era of the EBU's '75% Rule' is upon us, it could become necessary to run the odd two-section event. A purple plastic crate containing two identical sets of 30 boards, complete with answer sheets, is kept in the Day Centre's closet.


Latest Committee Meeting minutes now online

To read the deliberations of the conclave, go to the left-hand side bar, select 'Meetings of the Club', then 'Committee Meetings'.  Among the topics discussed were:

  • Free evenings
  • Electronic Scoring
  • Etiquette at the table (e.g not hiding away your bids until the opening lead has been faced)
  • Directors not adjudicating at their own table.
100 members and counting

The Club's membership has now reached its highest level for several years.  As there are justified concerns about noise levels in the room when we have more than 15 tables, we would like to put a ceiling on the membership.  We will soon reinstate the Waiting List for prospective new members.  So if anyone is thinking about joining, or any member letting their membership lapse, now is the time to act before the Waiting List is activated. 

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24th Aug 2015
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Carol
Duplimater: Gavin
17th Aug 2015
Multiple Teams
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Jaime Bueno
Duplimater: Gavin
10th Aug 2015
Claygate(Championship 1)
Director: Jaime Bueno
Scorer: Tony Baker
3rd Aug 2015
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Carol
Duplimater: Gavin
31st Aug 2015
No Bridge - B.H.
Host: -
7th Sep 2015
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Jaime
Host: Tony
Duplimater: Gavin
14th Sep 2015
Dorin Salver Sims and Club Championship: Round 2
Director: Nigel or Jaime
Scorer: Tony
Host: --NO HOST--
Duplimater: Gavin
21st Sep 2015
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Jaime
Host: Joan Low
Duplimater: Gavin
28th Sep 2015
Director: Jaime
Scorer: Tony
Host: Carol Wildig
Duplimater: Gavin
5th Oct 2015
British Autumn Sim Pairs
Director: Rowena
Scorer: Carol
Host: Kais
Duplimater: Gavin
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