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Chairman: Sue Osborne
020 8398 2589

Secretary: Tony Baker 

020 8398 3918


Treasurer: David Rotherham

Duplimater and Website: Gavin Wilson

01372 467428


Host Rota 2014-15
Up to the end of February 2015

alphabetically, by first name:

Brenda H: 24th Nov

Elisa M: 1st Dec

Jill M: 29th Dec

John McK: 2nd Feb

Judy R: 15th Dec

June McK: 16th Feb

Mike M: 17th Nov

Norman H: 23rd Feb

Jenny H: 19th Jan

Pat McR: 5th Jan

Sue O: 22nd Dec

Vida S: 26th Jan

For the list in date order, see box on right-hand side.

If you are thinking of leaving any money to this club in your will, we would put it towards the purchase of an electronic scoring system, which costs around £3,000. This would enable players to see their progress 'live' on a display screen each Monday evening, and not have to wait until the next day to learn their final score.

Scorer Rota

Here is the general time-tabling principle agreed between Carol, Tony and Gavin:

  • 1st Monday in month: Carol Wildig
  • 2nd Monday: Tony Baker
  • 3rd Monday: Gavin Wilson
  • 4th Monday: Gavin
  • 5th Monday (if there is one): Tony

Recent Updates
One Club. One Heart. One Reasonable Night Out.
27th Jan 2015 18:13 GMT
Directors' Casebook
27th Jan 2015 16:35 GMT
Constitution and Rules
27th Jan 2015 12:29 GMT
Proposed New Constitution
27th Jan 2015 12:27 GMT
AGM coming ... 9th March

Don't forget to reserve 7.00 pm on the 9th March in your diary.  The AGM night is also free to members, so there will be no need to bring your £2 along.  Among the key items to be discussed are:

  1. Adoption of the New Constitution.  We need to update the Club Rules so that they are more in line with EBU recommendations.  The proposed constitution is already here on the website, and I will forward a softcopy to every member for whom I have an email address.  We need a simple majority on the evening to get the constitution adopted, but there will not be time to go through each clause.  So if you have any concerns or suggestions or questions, please let the Chairman know today.
  2. Increase in Table Money Prices.  The Club has been charging members £2 an evening for a very long time -- certainly since I joined in 1997 -- but our costs have been increasing.  Now is the time -- i.e. from the date of the AGM onwards -- regrettably, to put up the prices -- to £3 for members and £5 for visitors (to encourage them to join).

As at every AGM, nominations are welcome for every committee post and officer position -- i.e. Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary -- but this year all current incumbents are happy to stay in their post if no challenger comes forward.  And if anyone wants to propose a substanative motion for the AGM, please let the Secretary know soon.


100 members and counting

The Club's membership has now reached its highest level for several years.  As there are justified concerns about noise levels in the room when we have more than 15 tables, we would like to put a ceiling on the membership.  We will soon reinstate the Waiting List for prospective new members.  So if anyone is thinking about joining, or any member letting their membership lapse, now is the time to act before the Waiting List is activated. 

Member Subscriptions Now Due

Subscriptions are now due for 2015. You can pay your £10 fee to David Rotherham in two forms: by cash or cheque made out to 'Claygate Bridge Club'. 

  • Cheques can be posted to David at 70, Collingwood Crescent, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2PF, or handed to him at the club.
  • Cash can only be handed to David at the club, not posted.
  • Please pay promptly. Too many bruises and broken limbs have been sustained in previous years by members who thwarted the Treasurer.

​Many thanks


The final round approaches: only six pairs have a chance. (Club Championship 2014-2015)

Here is the full current league table:

Club Championship 2014-15
Rank Partnership Current Total Score Worst Position
1 Buenos 15 5
2 Mike Mulligan and David Rotherham 20 12
3 George Gardiner and Elisa Money 21 12
4 Pat McRobbie and Janet Adams 21 10
5 Judy Hickman and June Buckland 27 16
6 Julie Gardiner and Cynthia Lievens 38 15
7 Goddards 43 15
8 Wilsons 49 25
9 June McKernan and Pam Harries 53 20
10 Lay-Choo Tan and Sue Rawlins 54 18
11 Joan Coates and Val North 59 18
12 Baker-Roses 60 24
13 Muriel Hodder and Yvette Barton 69


14 Janet Kefford and Joan Low 75 23

No other pair has yet played the necessary four qualifying evenings. Only those in red now stand a chance of winning the competition.  (The Barnes-Chan duo have played three valid sessions, scoring a total of 7, but must play on 9th February to qualify.)  The 'Worst Position' column shows the worst place each pair has achieved, out of their best four qualifying scores, during the competition.  This is the position that will be eliminated if they can achieve a better score in February.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. The yearly Club Championship is held on the second Monday of each month from August to February inclusive.  That gives each qualifying pair seven opportunities to participate.
  2. There will be one winning pair on each Club Championship evening.  This will usually entail a Mitchell movement with an arrow switch towards the end.
  3. This is a Pairs competition restricted to members only.  A ranking achieved by a visiting pair, or a member playing with a visitor, will be struck from the Club Championship records, and the rankings of all member pairs beneath them will be adjusted upwards.
  4. The score achieved by each qualifying pair on a Club championship evening is the ranking obtained on that evening. For example, they score a '1' if they came first, or a '2' if they came second.
  5. Each pair’s best four scores are used to calculate their final position.  These four scores are then added together.
  6. The overall winners of the Club Chamoionship are the qualifying pair with the lowest total score.
  7. Should play on any of the championship’s stated dates have to be cancelled for any reason, a new date will be decided by the Committee.

Meets every Monday (Bank Holidays excepted) at 7.30 pm

at Claygate Day Centre, Elm Road, Claygate.

Tel: 01372 463476    Map  

Visitors and new members are very welcome.

Table money, including refreshments, is normally 2.00 for members and 3.00 for visitors.

Would-be members should contact our Secretary Tony Baker (see Contacts) for details of joining fees, subscriptions and any other relevant information.

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26th Jan 2015
Director: Gavin Wilson
Scorer: Gavin Wilson
Duplimater: Gavin
19th Jan 2015
Director: Gavin Wilson
Scorer: Gavin Wilson
Duplimater: Gavin
12th Jan 2015
Club Championship - VI
Director: Kevin Goddard
Scorer: Tony Baker
Duplimater: Gavin
12th Jan 2015
Club Championship
Director: Kevin Goddard
Scorer: Tony Baker
2nd Feb 2015
Director: Julie
Scorer: Carol
Host: John McKimmie
Duplimater: Gavin
9th Feb 2015
Club Championship - Final Round
Director: Kevin
Scorer: Tony
Host: No Host
Duplimater: Gavin
16th Feb 2015
Surrey SimPairs
Director: Gavin
Scorer: Gavin
Host: June McKernan
Duplimater: Gavin
23rd Feb 2015
Director: Gavin
Scorer: Gavin
Host: Norman Harris
Duplimater: Gavin
2nd Mar 2015
Director: Kevin
Scorer: Carol
Duplimater: Gavin
9th Mar 2015
AGM Pairs
Director: Gavin
Scorer: Tony
Duplimater: Gavin
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