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Wiltshire Bridge School
Wiltshire Bridge School

Do you live in the Chippenham/Devizes/Trowbridge area?

 Would you like to improve your Bridge?

The Wiltshire Bridge School is an established Bridge School set up and run by English Bridge Union teachers

Classes are available for all levels of Bridge players in Chippenham for Beginners and Trowbridge for Improvers and Advanced


Welcome to Chippenham Bridge Club

The Chippenham Bridge Club play on Fridays at  St Peter's Church, Lords Mead, Frogwell, Chippenham. Early arrival before 6.40pm is necessary for a prompt start at 6.50pm 

We also play on Mondays at  Chippenham Sports Club, Bristol Rd Chippenham. Early arrival before 1.15pm is necessary for a prompt start at 1.30pm

Both venues are affiliated to The English Bridge Union and have a mid-session break for tea, coffee and biscuits 

We play Acol duplicate bridge using tablets for scoring and duplimated boards. 

Please come along and meet a group of friendly people, keen to enjoy their bridge in a relaxed atmosphere.  If  you  don't  have  a  partner  please  contact  Irene  Button on  01249  653429 who will try to find you a partner.

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Director: Roger Button
Scorer: Bob Raggett
Director: Roger Button
Scorer: Bob Raggett
Director: Roger Button
Scorer: Bob Raggett

The hand of the week will be active for a week and then archived into the Hand of the Week Archive page under the Information for Club Members Menu Item.

Hand of the Week - Friday 23rd November 2018

The one that got away was hand 13 this week. Every E/W played in a spade contract but only one pair got to a small slam and three pairs did not bid game. I suspect the reason for this was that North's disruptive weak 2 opening made it difficult for East. For those who do not play weak 2s this hand shows how disruptive weak 2s can be. Maybe one should look to add them into one's system. Of course there is the flip side and E/W should also add defence to a weak 2. So how should East bid to force partner to bid and get to at least a game contract with the combined 29 point count?

My advice would be to introduce the following system to the defence of weak 2 / 2♠ opening.

  • Double - shows the other major and an opening hand or 19+
  • 2NT - shows a balanced 16-18 with a stop in the opened major
  • Any suit bid shows an opening hand with at least 5 cards in the suit bid, the higher the level the more points or more cards required in the suit

Thus, for hand 13 the best bid by East would be Double. If partner bids a negative 2NT, a suit re-bid by doubler would show 19+. Any other response to a double would show values up to 8 points and a jump response would show 9+.

Thus my bidding sequence would be:

2  X PASS 4♣ 

East's double has made partner bid. West's bid of 4♣ shows at least 9 points and 5 or more clubs. East now sees a slam with 6 spades, 5 clubs and A so asks for key cards. West shows 2 key cards (for those that play Roman Keycard Blackwood West can bid 5♠ to show 2 keycards plus the Q♣ ). East can now comfortably bid 6♠ on my bidding sequence and possibly 7♠ if playing Roman Keycard Blackwood.