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Trying to find the Minutes of our Meetings? Who is on the Committee? When and where does play start?

Press the information button above for the answer to all of these.

Evening Sessions

Please be sure to arrive at the club at least ten minutes before play begins, that is before 6.50 pm so that play is not delayed. It may not be possible to accommodate latecomers. 

Want to Play but don't have a partner

Perhaps you are new to the Bridge club or a regular member whose partner is unavailable one evening.  What to do?  If it is our Thursday or Saturday evening session there should be no problem as we run a host system and if you come along to the session, preferably a few minutes earlier, we should be able to arrange a partner.  For other sessions there are people who may be able to help you find a partner.

Our Monday Partners contact is Thea Sydenham tel.  01243  776540

Our Tuesday Partners contact is  Mary Sharp tel.  07879 828304

please note Tuesday sessions start at 3.30pm and you should not arrive before 3.15pm.  Greater care must be taken driving through the playground at this time as there may be pupils present

Our Saturday Partners contact is Judy Hole,    tel.  07973 458947 or  (host available)

For general help regarding duplicate sessions, Liz Peavot will help on 01243 786095

Random Seeded Teams

This competition will take place on the fourth Thursday of each month from October to June.   In December, the proximity of the fourth Thursday to Christmas day may mean the bridge club is closed and the competition will not run that month.   It is proving very popular but for administration purposes and to ensure we do not end up with an odd number of pairs you must sign on the notice board to indicate you wish to take part by the Monday preceding the event.  The current scores can be seen under the "Competition" menu and "Random Seeded Teams Points".

Ladder Rules

The Ladder is played on the third Monday of the month from October through to June (nine heats). It is a pairs competition for members and no substitutes are allowed but guests and visitors may take part in the heats. Players may elect as to which of their partners is their "Ladder Partner". Each heat is a normal duplicate pairs evening except that it is a single winner competition (Howell or Scrambled Mitchell).  Points are awarded in 1.5 per cent increments from 0 for less than 36.5%, through 10 for between 50.0% and 51.49%, and up to a maximum of 20 points for 65.0% or more. The best 6 out of 9 possible results count, and the winning pair is that with the highest total of points. The winners hold the Ray Meredith cup for one year from July to June.

Would you please let Cliff Vince know if he has you with the wrong partner, or if you think there are any other errors or omissions.

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LADDER 2018/19
  Ladder Positions 2018/9 after third Round Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Total
1 Chris Bury & Liz Senior 20 16 10             46
2 Thea Sydenham & Richard Wilson 14 11 18             43
3 Rick Assad & Dennis Adams 19 12               31
4 David Telfer & Peter Dunne 17 11               28
5 Mike & Francesca Campbell   14 13             27
6 Chris Coote & Prue Davies 4 10 12             26
7 Alan Wagg & Sylvia Mundy 12   10             22
7 Jim Norman & Leigh Harding   10 12             22
9 Anne Dudley-Smith & Nigel Pattison 10 9               19
9 Martin Elliot & Margaret Stanger 9 10               19
11 June Williams & Simon Firth 11 7               18
11 Abigail Rowe & Anne Irwin-Brown   7 11             18
13 Ian & Ann Bartle 7   3             10
13 Kerry Jackson & Karin Davies   7 3             10
15 Roger Jones and Anne Richardson     9             9
16 Angela Payne & Mary Sharp 5                 5
Last updated : 4th Jan 2019 15:21 GMT