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Supervised Play starts again on 24 April

Supervised Play starts on 24 April and will finish on 3 July with a break for half term on May 29th.  It will be run jointly by Penny Haines and Liz Senior   On Fridays at 4 pm.  Suitable for all of those who need some help with actually playing Duplicate.  £3 for Members and £4 for visitors.

Trying to find the Minutes of our Meetings? Who is on the Committee? When and where does play start?

Press the information button above for the answer to all of these.

Bridge Lessons through to Summer 2015

Check out the 'Bridge Lessons' item above for the latest information on lessons.

Playing on Wednesday or Thursday without a partner?

If so please be sure to arrive at the club at least ten minutes before play begins, that is before 6.50 pm so that play is not delayed. It will not be possible to accommodate late comers.


Please remember to check the Thursday Rota to be sure that you do not miss your date as Host

There is a list on the club notice board and on the website under the calendar heading

Tell us your news and views

Do you have  a Bridge story or some news that you would like to see on this site? If so please send it to


Chichester Bridge Club is a friendly club which provides duplicate bridge and bridge classes for its members and potential members. New members and visitors are welcome. To get to know the club and its members, visitors may attend up to six bridge sessions per calendar year after which they are requested to apply for membership.

Which night should I play Bridge on? A Short Guide

All members pay the same subscription and are welcome to play on any night of the week.

As a guide

Wednesday – is a good night for anybody returning to duplicate bridge, starting duplicate bridge after  lessons, anyone who wants to gain more confidence with their bridge.  The director will help them with bridge etiquette and advise them on bidding after the hand has been played if they wish. Normally play 24 boards in 3 hours

Saturdays-  a slightly higher standard than Wednesday, experienced players who like to play at the weekend.  Fairly relaxed. Normally play 24 boards in 3 hours.

Monday  and Thursday – enjoyable bridge with experienced bridge players, the standard of bridge is the same on these two evenings.  The play is faster than Wednesday and Saturday. Normally 27 boards in 3 hours.

All the directors are fully qualified. The most important  difference between  Wednesdays and the other three nights is the speed of play and a rather more formal approach to etiquette and behaviour at the bridge table.  

If you are happy that you play  reasonably quickly  and that  you know and understand what you should and should not do at the bridge table then your bridge will improve more quickly if you play on a Monday or a Thursday.

If you would like any further help please email Michael at 

Handicap Tournament and Ladder

The Handicap tournament and the Ladder both start in October.   The Handicap will run on the third Thursday of each month and the Ladder on the third Monday.  Members are welcome and encouraged to compete in both.  The running scores for each competition will be displayed on the website each month.  Any queries with rules, scoring etc please ask Cliff Vince (Ladder) or David Telfer (Handicap)

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Donald Cheesman

We are saddend to report the death of Donald Cheesman.  Donald was a long standing member of the Club and played regularly on Thursdays.

Handy Lady or Man needed

Have you noticed that some of the tables and small side tables are a bit wonky?  We need someone to put  a  few screws in them and some gorilla glue where needed.  We will supply the materials. So please contact Francesca Campbell if you, or maybe you and your partner give give  the club a couple of your hours to restore the funiture to a reasonable state and to keep it that way.

Bridgemates - Please arrive at the club before 6.50 pm

Bridgemates  are a great success but they need setting up each evening with informaton on the number of players and players EBU numbers. Please arrange to be at the Club at 6.50pm, ten minutes before play starts so that the information can be put in the computer before play  at 7 pm



Updating your details?

You can update all your contact details in the Membership section of the website.  Please also tell Prue, our Membership Secretary, at the same time so that her records are also updated.  Sadly this does not happen automatically! Prue is at


Our Saturday Partners contact is Judy Hole,    tel.  07973 458947,   or email;


To find out more about  joining us for a game of "duplicate", please ring Penny on 01243 372087 


Our Monday Partners contact is Penny Haines, tel:  01243 372087  or email:

Mon 27th Apr 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: LL
Sat 25th Apr 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Liz Senior
Thu 23rd Apr 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: D Telfer
Wed 22nd Apr 2015
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Ken Haines
Mon 20th Apr 2015
Ladder Round 7
Director: BV
Wed 29th Apr 2015
Gentle Duplicate
Director: P Burns
Host: P Burns
Thu 30th Apr 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: L Lamont
Host: Judy Hole
Fri 1st May 2015
Supervised Play at 4 pm
Sat 2nd May 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: M Humphrey
Mon 4th May 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: K Haines
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