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Learning to Play Bridge

The Education Committee has established the Beginner Bridge schedule for October through December 2017, see below.

 We have introduced a Voucher for Supervised Play and 0-20MP Attendees to play in one of our scheduled Duplicate Games for $5.00. Limit is one per month per player

The Committee is made up of our 3 Accredited Bridge Teachers

Barry Little, Hazel Connor and Matthew Dyer plus Guy Franklin and Carolyn Naselli

Other Chicago Duplicate Bridge Club Members occasionally teach and/or support our Teachers during Supervised Play Sessions. They may also conduct some pre-game sessions for beginners on various weekdays in the near future.

Janet Nachman and Judith Gidden

Any other interested, experienced players are encouraged to come along and help our growing number of new players in Supervised Play Sessions.

Experienced players are also encouraged to participate as Mentors in our Mentor/Mentee evenings.

The Education Committee is extending the opportunities we offer for more people to join our Bridge Playing Community.

October 2017 Education Information