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New ALERTS System!



Alerts System for BCCM


The following is based on the ACBL alerts system, but simplified 

to reflect the fact that most BCCM  players play similar systems to

 each other. The aim is to reduce the frequency of required alerts, while 

still keeping opponents informed of hidden meanings. This alert system 

is intended for those playing Standard American, Acol or similar systems.


If you are playing something outside these systems (eg. Precision, very light 

openings etc.), please make sure you alert if the bid has an unexpected meaning. 

Don’t forget that you can always ask the meaning of an opponent’s bid at any 

point in the game whenever it is your turn to bid or play.




To alert, please say the word “alert” so the opponents can hear it. 

You may also use the alert card if you wish. 


No doubles or redoubles require alerting---opponents should be 

sufficiently alert to notice a double or redouble and ask the meaning 

if necessary.


No cuebids of a suit naturally bid by opponents require alerting. 

Again, opponents should notice these.


A 2C opening which is very strong and artificial is not alertable 

(a natural 2C opening or a 2C opening which is agreed to be of lesser strength 

would be alertable).


An Unusual 2NT jump overcall is not alertable (a natural 2NT jump overcall 

would be alertable).


For alerts marked with an asterisk, you can either alert when the bid comes up 

or you can pre-alert. If you pre-alert then you should state what your system is 

at the beginning of every round. For example, if your 1C bid may be short, 

then you have the choice of stating this before looking at your cards for the 

first board of the round or, if you prefer, just alerting each 1C opening by 

your partner.




All transfers should be announced. If your partner makes a transfer bid, 

then say “transfer”. Unless asked, do not explain what it is a transfer to.


Opening Suit Bids at the One Level


*Alert if suit bid may be fewer than five of a major or fewer than 

three of a minor.


*Alert if one of a minor guarantees a five card suit.


Alert if artificial (eg. shows hand strength rather than suit).


Responses to Opening Bids of One of a Suit


Alert forcing or semi-forcing 1NT responses.


Alert non-forcing jump shifts whether or not in competition.


Alert splinters.


Alert Jacoby 2NT (or similar system) and responses.


Opener’s and Responder’s Rebids


Alert opener’s 1NT rebid if strong (greater than 14 HCP).


Alert conventional 3rd or 4th suit bids (eg. new minor forcing, 

fourth suit forcing).


Alert help suit game tries.


NT Opening Bids or Overcalls


Alert if agreed range is outside the following:


*1NT opening:     15-17 HCP

1NT overcall:    15-18 HCP 

1NT overcall in balancing seat: 11-14 HCP

2NT opening:    20-21 HCP

3NT opening:    25-27 HCP


Responses to NT


Announce all transfers.


Alert minor suit stayman and responses.


Alert puppet stayman responses and continuations.


Overcall over a NT bid


Alert unless fully natural (eg. a 2H bid overcall after 1NT which 

shows hearts is not alertable. If your agreement is that it shows both 

hearts and another suit, it is alertable).


Responses to NT bids after Interference


Announce all transfers.


Alert other bids which are not fully natural, except for doubles or a 

cuebid of opponent’s suit.


Opening Suit Bids at the Two Level and Responses


Alert responses to strong, artificial 2C, unless natural.


Alert 2S, 2H and 2D opening bids which are not weak.


Alert rebids after a 2NT response to a weak two (eg. Ogust, feature etc.) 

Note that a 2NT asking bid itself is not alertable, just the responses.


Bids Above 3NT


Alert all artificial bids above 3NT, except:


- regular (not keycard) Blackwood and its responses.

- transfers, which should be announced rather than alerted.


Leading Low from a Small Doubleton


If your system includes leading low from a small doubleton, this is 

subject to a pre-alert (see above for how to pre-alert).

Allowable Bids

Artificial or very unusual bidding systems are not allowed in the Friday or Monday sessions. Such systems are allowed in the Wednesday and Sunday sessions, which are intended to be more competitive. However the specific system needs to be approved in advance by the committee.