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Bridge Etiquette
Bridge Etiquette Guide

Bridge Etiquette Guide


Plan on arriving 20-30 minutes before the designated start time.

Register your arrival and pay your session fee to the Club Registrar.

Please turn off your mobile phone. (If it is absolutely vital you have it on, leave it on ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’.)



See Zero Tolerance Policy




Always call precisely, for the card you wish dummy to play.

When you lead to a trick, wait for LHO to play his card before requesting a card from dummy.


Standard rules call for the Declarer to request a card from dummy and Dummy will play that card. No player is to touch any cards other than their own during or after play except by permission of the Director. However, the Declarer may play dummy’s cards if Dummy is away from the table, or the assistance of one of the opponents may be asked for.



Dummy should not play the first card (even if it is a singleton) until declarer has planned his campaign and called for it.  Dummy's role is limited but if declarer fails to follow suit dummy may ask “No (suit) partner?” in order to prevent a possible revoke.  Dummy may also alert any player at the table if their last played card is turned the wrong way (win/lose) but this must be done before play of the next card. And the Dummy may also alert Declarer whether he is in his hand or in dummy as long as declarer has not led a card.


In General:

Keep the sessions as harmonious as possible; we try to be a friendly club.

Greet opponents as they arrive at the table.  Thank them at the end and move quickly to your new table.


If asked, explain your bidding system clearly and simply. Answer any questions clearly.

Sort and count your cards quickly, so that you can bid promptly when it is your turn.


When bidding, do not ‘hover’ over your bidding cards.  Decide on your bid before reaching for your bid card.


At the table, North is in sole charge of the BridgeMate unit except when East or West is asked to confirm an entry by pushing the "Accept" button.  All data from the unit about the board just played is to be read by North only.  At completion of the bidding, North should enter the final contract and the initial lead card promptly and this information should be entered in the unit prior to the beginning of play.


BridgeMate units are often left unattended briefly during table changes.  No one other than those designated as the incoming North player should handle or manipulate the BridgeMate in any way in those situations..


North should check that the correct boards are held and that the correct EW pair are at the table.


Keep to time. Call for the Director if you are unsure there is sufficient time to play your last board. If you are still playing when you should be changing tables you will cause delay for many players.


Do not put your bidding cards away until after the first round of cards has been played.


The initial lead card should be placed face down on the table first, to check whether partner has any questions about the auction (“Any questions partner?”).


Unless you are to lead, do not play a card until your RHO has done so. A player who plays a card ‘Out of Rotation’ may be subject to a procedural penalty.


Any player may ask the meaning of a bid when it is that player's turn to bid or play, and the questions must be put to the bidder's partner rather than the player who made the bid.


Be courteous when speaking about the play of any player at the table.  See also Zero Tolerance Guide.

Do not hold long post-mortems unless you clearly have sufficient time left on the clock.


Do not handle other players’ cards. If you wish to see them, ask them to show you.


At the conclusion of play for a board, keep your played cards representing tricks won or lost arranged in front of you until all at the table are satisfied with the final contract and North has entered the results.


If you call for The Director, abide by his ruling. Do not disrupt a session by arguing with other players or a Director's ruling.  Also, see Zero Tolerance Policy.


When changing tables, please be quiet, and take your cups, glasses, bottles, etc. with you.  Remember that although you may be finished, others may still be playing.




Enter the result at once and ask East or West to verify the entry.

After the result has been verified, if any other player requests information on previous results, North should provide this information discreetly so that it cannot be overheard at other tables.  This may be done orally or by showing the appropriate screen to other player(s) on request.



Check the score entered by North and, if you agree, press the ‘Accept’ button ONCE ONLY and pass the terminal back to North.  Neither East nor West is to manipulate the unit in any way other than to press "Accept".


Ensure the cards are not mixed during any review and that they are returned to their correct directional slots in the folder.


If making a claim, be certain you may do so, then explain your intended line of play clearly and unambiguously, with particular emphasis on how trumps would be handled.  If there is an objection the Director MUST be summoned.


Rev.  June 2013