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Reminder - no Intermediate Bridge Lesson for Friday, November 23, due to Loi Krathong.

Posted 17 Nov 2018


Contact Us

If you wish to join us in a game of contract bridge in a friendly, congenial atmosphere, please contact Jim.

For more contact details, see the "Information" section in the left hand Menu of our website. We hope you like what you see and that we will be playing bridge with you at the Club soon!

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News & Features
  Sunday Events - Winter 2018-19
Sunday Events - Winter 2018-19

Sunday Bridge Begins

on Sunday 4 November 2018 with an
Opening Day Pizza Lunch 
​​at the Oak Tree clubhouse.

Come and enjoy a pizza and salad lunch before bridge. Players of all levels welcome. Lunch at 12:00 - Price for lunch and bridge ฿200. Please email  Jim Peukert  if you will be attending. 

Last updated : 4th Nov 2018 18:22 ICT
  Website Changes

BCCM Website

Summary of Website Changes

made between April and September, 2018

This is not an all-inclusive list of changes. Nearly all pages and documents on the BCCM website were inspected; dozens of files received minor tweaks, too numerous to list here. Dozens of files were deleted - older versions of updated .pdf and Word .docs for example - or combined and consolidated into new versions.

Below is a list of the major additions and updates. Links to pages appear in Green.


  • Cleaned up look
  • Larger fonts for older eyes
  • Timely, relevant news articles on home page
  • Links to Results of three(3) most recent games
  • Improved Schedule information
  • Reorganized to group related items in sub-menus
  • Reduced main menu options
  • Changed font and look of buttons

New Menu Options

  • Policies - BCCM Player Policy - Allowable Bids, Alerts, Etiquette, etc. grouped together and easy to locate for new and long-time members.
  • Contact Numbers - list of Essential Contact Numbers from the Newsletter.

Member Area

  • Membership Database is up to date ( as of 1 October 2018) with all members. New information to send out soon regarding opt-in/opt-out instructions for new G.D.P.R. requirements. This will allow the inclusion of all members into ad-hoc competitions, for use in calculating playing averages for assigning into flights on “club day” events, for the Attendance counts.

New Features

These are in “Menu” order:

News & Features

  • News & Features is a Newsletter version of articles and news for 2018 Summer session, soon to be archived and replaced with a page for 2018-19 Winter Session.
  • Feature Articles contain an indexed list of the member-written bridge articles from the Newsletters.
  • Lessons is a new page for the handouts for the new Intermediate Bridge Classes.
  • Bridge in Paradise articles written by Neil for the CMMail, and reprinted in the BCCM Newsletter.
  • Newsletter Archive - a page with links to all .pdf versions of the Newsletters from 2016 & 2017.


  • History of the BCCM- reformatted History of the BCCM.
  • Member List - for members only (password protected), quick access to member phone numbers and/or email addresses.
  • Bookshelves - new members might be wondering what’s up with the books, all explained here.
  • Buddies - a little explanation of the BCCM Buddy System set up by Cinda with help from others, and directions for getting help.
  • Meeting Minutes- a massive reworking of 8+ years of available AGM and Committee Meeting Minutes, indexed (links to Minutes) in ascending date order (most recent on top).


  • Player Attendance - 6 months of “days played” stats on all members for 2018 Summer Session. Similar numbers were published in the first News & Features page (bottom) for 2017-18 Year. There won't be an update for 2018-19 Winter Session until late in season (sort of like watching fruit growing - it only gets interesting when it starts to ripen).
  • Competition History - a page of links to all the seasonal competitions from 2009 to present.

Other New Features

Get ready for forms. Signup forms for special events and programs, for partner requests, and other uses. The home page currently has a simple form for signing up for Intermediate Bridge Lessons.

Improved Pages

  • Where & When - standard BridgeWebs information page for clubs, updated to use BridgeWebs provided Google Map for navigating to Oak Tree, as well as many little edits of basic information.
  • Useful Links - broken links either fixed or removed, some additions. A reorganization from top to bottom:
    • international organizations,
    • regional organizations,
    • local clubs,
    • education/general bridge links

What Happened to Photos?

Photos have been removed. No one posted anything new since the move to The Oak Tree in 2015. And photos were taking up a large amount of disk space on our share of the server. After removing them, the response rate for website administration - adding and updating pages - improved dramatically.

The photos exist. created a Dropbox Shared Folder, and I can supply that link to anyone. It contains all the photos that were available on the site. These images are just that - not pages of photos by event as they appeared on the website.

However, I have saved all events as best I could in both Webarchive files and pdf format. By that, I mean .pdf files have page breaks between photos (3 or 4 images per page, not a continuous scrolling page) and webarchive file format is available on macOS and Windows for saving and reviewing complete web pages using the Safari web browser. I can also share these with anyone who wishes.

At some point I will probably place the .pdf versions on the BCCM website, and provide a page of links to each event. One day.

Note: images are .jpeg files that have been reduced - in physical size and pixels - to conform to web page requirements for speedy page loading; images are not suitable for printing. Photos would only be suitable for use - as is - on a website.

For additional information on these changes, or to make comments and suggestions, email Charles Quast, Website Manager.

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