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Artificial bidding systems are now permitted on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. However, a Club Member may question the use of an artificial system and request that a decision to allow it or not be made by the Committee. Furthermore, those using artificial systems must provide a viable defense against their system.

Posted 1 May 2018


Wed 27th June 2018
Summer Pairs 2018
Oak Tree 13.15
Fri 29th June 2018
Friday Pairs Summer 2018
Oak Tree 13.15
Mon 2nd July 2018
Monday Pairs Summer 2018
Oak Tree 13.15
Wed 4th July 2018
Summer Pairs 2018
Oak Tree 13.15
Monday Pairs Summer 2018
Director: Jim
Scorer: Michael
Friday Pairs Summer 2018
Director: Steve
Scorer: Jim
Summer Pairs 2018
Director: Luc
Scorer: Neil
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