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The BCCM "Essential Contact Numbers" is now accessible as a Menu item - "Contact Numbers" - above and whenever this menu appears.

May you never need it, but if you do, find it quick on the BCCM Home Page.

Posted 19 Aug 2018


Contact Us

If you wish to join us in a game of contract bridge in a friendly, congenial atmosphere, please contact Jim.

For more contact details, see the "Information" section in the left hand Menu of our website. We hope you like what you see and that we will be playing bridge with you at the Club soon!

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Winter Session
Winter Session

Winter Session

Arrives 1 October

That's right. Time for snowball fights!

In the case there's not enough snow in Chiang Mai to roll one up, then winter season also means the end of the Summer Session competitions, and the beginning of Winter Session competitions (October 1 through March 31). Schedule for the winter competitions will be posted October 1.

Additionally, the winter session means ฿500 1/2 year membership dues for snow-birds.

Last updated : 15th Sep 2018 15:26 ICT
Summer Club Day
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-1
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-2
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-3
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-4
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-5
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-6
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-7
  • ClubDay 31 Aug 2018-8

Summer Club Day

We partied till we dropped!*

Finally the big day has arrived! The Club day at the Oak restaurant, which consisted of a free dinner for all the club members, sponsored by the BCCM committee. This was preceded by our usual Friday afternoon Bridge, with seven full tables. The dinner at the Oak Tree Restaurant was excellent, and with their usual great service, enjoyed by everyone. Following dinner, the awards for the summer pairs were given out to the talented winners.

- John Bales

photos by Veronica Mannhart

* which happened around 8:30
Last updated : 15th Sep 2018 15:34 ICT
Winter Session Awards

Award Winners

Winter Session 2017-2018

Awards for the winter session bridge competitions were handed out Friday, August 31, at the Club Day dinner. Recipients were:

Winter Pairs

Winners: Brian Liddy and Marta Barnes - 62.1%

2nd Place: Luc Berte and Steve Ault - 56.54%

3rd Place: Frans Middelkoop and Gerard Westerhout - 56.49%

For complete results: Competition - Winter Pairs 2017-2018

Friday Pairs

Winners: Daniel Thouvignon and Steve Ault - 60.61%

2nd Place: Denny Abrahamsson and Jazi Tricks - 59.61%

3rd Place: Frans Middelkoop and Gerard Westerhout - 56.88%

For complete results: Competition - Friday Pairs Winter 2017-2018

Most Improved Pair

Barry Liddle and Rene Borjon

Last updated : 15th Sep 2018 15:09 ICT
Books and Buddies
Books and Buddies

New Pages

Bookshelves and Buddies

A couple new pages were added to this website, to recognize the work and perseverance to get the BCCM Buddy System up and running, and to organize the bookshelves.

These pages can be accessed from the About menu. Refer to the image.

Last updated : 17th Sep 2018 08:42 ICT
Essential Contact Numbers

Essential Contact Numbers

Now a Click Away


If you didn't save the Essential Contact Numbers page from a copy of the Newsletter, you can now easily find it on the Bridge Club of Chiang Mai website. A link (indicated in image above) has been added to the BCCM site Menu.

It can't get any easier then that.

Last updated : 15th Sep 2018 15:07 ICT
Friday Pairs Summer 2018
Director: Steve
Scorer: Dot
Summer Pairs 2018
Director: Neil
Scorer: Michael
Monday Pairs Summer 2018
Director: Dot
Scorer: Michael
Latest Winners

17 Sep 2018

N/S Denny and Jazi 69.01%

E/W Michael G and Leslie  59.55%



Competition Updates

Friday Pairs Summer 2018

Summer Pairs 2018

Last updated : 21st Sep 2018 17:25 ICT

Pairs Events every 

Also Sunday in high-season
from November through February.

For all games:
Registration 12:30 to 1:15pm
Play starts at 1:30 pm.
(No Late Registrations)

Last updated : 16th Sep 2018 09:08 ICT
Special Events
Special Events

Nothing to announce.

Loy Krathong

November 21, 22 and 23. 

Last updated : 16th Sep 2018 13:23 ICT

Nothing to announce.

Last updated : 16th Sep 2018 12:48 ICT

If you need a partner please  turn up at the informal Monday session or turn up 30 minutes before play starts for the Friday, Sunday and Wednesday sessions.

If you are new to the club we particularly recommend coming on Monday since this will give you a chance to meet and partner other members in this practice session.

We cannot, of course, guarantee a partner, but we will try.  An email request prior to the day will be helpful.

Last updated : 15th Apr 2018 14:17 ICT