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October is the start of Winter Session (new pairs competitions) and Sunday games. Watch this space.

Posted 26 Sep 2018


Contact Us

If you wish to join us in a game of contract bridge in a friendly, congenial atmosphere, please contact Jim.

For more contact details, see the "Information" section in the left hand Menu of our website. We hope you like what you see and that we will be playing bridge with you at the Club soon!

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BCCM House of Cards

Thank you for visiting our website. Our members and guests get together several times each week  to play duplicate bridge. We invite you to look around this site and learn more about our friendly Club. You will find details of future events, results of weekly matches and news of interest not only to our members but to site visitors generally.

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Bridge Lessons

Intermediate Bridge Lessons

Your BCCM Committee is pleased to announce that these lessons will begin on Friday 5 October at 11.30am in the Clubhouse and thereafter on every Friday before the bridge session.

A schedule of other topics will be given in due course.  Some of our most experienced players have volunteered to help with the teaching.

Schedule of Lessons
Friday Presenter Topic
October 5 Steve Ault Reverses
October 12 Leslie Varghese Tricks of the Trade
October 19 John Bucher Jacoby 2NT and Splinters
October 26 Ron Spiers Puppet Stayman
November 2 John Bucher Competitive Bidding
November 9 Neil Robinson Opening Leads
November 16 Luc Berte Hand Evaluation
November 23 Loi Krathong no lesson
November 30 Doubles Tim Dickey


Let the Committee know if you are interested in attending these tutorials.  There will be no charge for the course!

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Monday Pairs Winter 2018-2019
Director: Jim
Scorer: Michael
Friday Pairs Winter 2018-2019
Director: Steve
Scorer: Dot
Winter Pairs 2018-2019
Director: Neil
Scorer: Michael
Latest Winners

15 Oct 2018

Mike W and Jim P  74.44%



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For all games at the Oak Tree:
Registration 12:30 to 13:15
(No Late Registrations)
Play starts at 13:30

Sunday Play starting in October - TBA
   Relaxed Pairs 13:15
   Winter Pairs 13:15
   Friday Pairs 13:15
Last updated : 9th Oct 2018 11:58 ICT
Special Events

Nothing to announce.

Last updated : 26th Sep 2018 07:40 ICT

Intermediate Bridge Lessons

Starting October 5, 2018

See details in article on this page.


Last updated : 2nd Oct 2018 07:29 ICT

If you need a partner please  turn up at the informal Monday session or turn up 30 minutes before play starts for the Friday, Sunday and Wednesday sessions.

If you are new to the club we particularly recommend coming on Monday since this will give you a chance to meet and partner other members in this practice session.

We cannot, of course, guarantee a partner, but we will try.  An email request prior to the day will be helpful.

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VU-Bridge Hand of the Week

Play the Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week

A new hand is added each Saturday

V-Green e-Newsletter: 24 hands to play every two weeks

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VU-Bridge Beginnerís Corner

Play a new practice hand each week!

Click here for ACOL bidding

Click here for Standard American bidding

V-Blue - The beginners e-newsletter: 20 hands to play every two weeks

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