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Ace of Clubs Qualifiers:

Daphne & Rob, Bob & Kathy, Derek & Ann, Malcolm & Simon, David & Anna, Sheila & Ralph

Caroline & Simon, Kristian & Maureen, Nick & Vivien

Final is 14th April

Welcome to Cheltenham Nomads Bridge Club
Welcome to the Cheltenham Nomads Bridge Club


The Club holds duplicates
 Thursday evenings from 7pm
Cheltenham Bridge Club

4 Tivoli Road.



We are affiliated to the GCBA/EBU

Club events are open to all players (both members of a pair or all members of a team) who have previously played at least THREE TIMES in the same calendar year in thursday evening duplicate.

Mens Pairs and Womens Pairs are held together; for a section to be valid there must be at least 3 competing pairs present and the leading relevant score must be over 50%

See Bulletin (left) for the latest info.


Special Dates

Ace of Clubs competition - Final is 14th April. Qualifiers who cannot make the final please let us know

The final starts at 13.30



Director: Joe
Director: Joe
Director: Joe
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