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Club Manager

David John, our club manager, can be contacted either at the club or by phoning 07765 666960.

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Bridge Sessions

Bridge is played on the days indicated below. At least one player from each partnership should arrive and be seated 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Standby players are provided on days as shown for those who do not have a partner. Newcomers are welcome to come along to any session, but will need to arrange a partner for all duplicate sessions where there is no standby. The National Grading System strength of the field is provided for each bridge session to help you assess which sessions are most suitable.


13:45 Duplicate Pairs (NGS 50.62%)

3rd Monday in month April to August - Ben Bennett Bowl

3rd Monday in month October to March - Norah Allen Trophy

19:00 Duplicate Pairs (NGS 44.58%) - Standby Provided (please arrive by 18:50 if you do not have a partner).


09:30 Beginners Bridge 

Aimed at beginners who want to play a few hands. Turn up with or without a partner.

10:00 Duplicate Pairs (NGS 41.41%) - Standby Provided (please arrive by 09:50 if you do not have a partner).

18:45 & 19:00 Duplicate Pairs - Standby Provided (please arrive by 18:40 if you do not have a partner).

2nd Tuesday in month October to February (18:45) - Verrion Trophy

Last Tuesday (usually 4th Tuesday occasionally 5th Tuesday - please check calendar) in alternate months September to June (19:00) - Swiss Pairs – No duplicate

Upstairs NGS 49.43% Downstairs NGS 54.28% 


19:00 Gentle Bridge (NGS 42.02%)

Aimed at those players who wish to play duplicate pairs bridge in a non competitive environment. Come as a pair or on your own.

19:00 Pairs League

2nd & 3rd Wednesdays in months September to June.


13:45 Duplicate Pairs (NGS 49.97%)

2nd Thursday in month September to March - Ceri Rees Trophy

14:00 Beginners Bridge

Aimed at beginners who want to play a few hands. Turn up with or without a partner.

       19:00 Cheltenham Nomads

Contact Joe Angseesing


19:00 Duplicate Pairs (NGS 52.36%) - Standby Provided


19:00 Duplicate Pairs (NGS 47.40%)


Note: All National Grading System (NGS) strengths are averages correct at August 2016.