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Save The Web.. Fight for Net Neutraliity

Do you like playing bridge online? Do you like being able to see the hands you just played?  Do you like being able to read all the blogs and information on the web about bridge.  If you do, please stand up for Net Neutrality.  Please support the fight to save the net. 

From Wikipedia

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet must treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. Read More

I've linked to several websites that explain more. Please see links page.  Your Help is needed to defeat this grab.



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Common Game Results

12-21-17  Mary Boyd - Charlie Foster 1st of 2,535

11-2-17 Lyle Sattes - Jack Chambers 19th of 2,496 7th of 1,180

10-26-17  Bob Singleton & Lucille McClure 16th, Charlie Foster & David Stern 18th  Bud Cool & Sarah Sentman 23rd and, Z Khan & Bess Haley 42nd of 2186 pairs: 5th, 6th, 10th & 15th of 1018 pairs.

10-05-2017 Lyle Sattes and Jack Chambers 5th of 2201, 3rd of 1032: Larry Sinsel and Masood Akhtar 26th of 2201, 11th of 1032

9-21-17 Z Khan and Ed Lewis 17 of 602: 45/1382

9-14-17 David Stern and Ed Lewis 27th of 2008

9-7-17  Bud Cool and Ellie Peyton 3rd of 1828

8-31-17  Bud Cool and Sarah Sentman 17th of 813; 30th of 1755

8-10-17 Z. Khan and Bessie Haley 5th of 1030; 7th of 2040

George & Robert Karr - 9th Overall (2175 pairs) 4th NS (988 pairs)

Nancy & Art Altman - 8th of 2099 5/4/17

2-23-17 Z. Khan & Bessie Haley 5th of 1005: 12th of 2107

 Lyle Sattes & Charlie Foster 1st  of 172 in Howellers and 2nd of 2091 Overall - 1/26/17

 Lynn Cundy & Ed Lewis 10th of 170 in Howellers 2/2/17


She Saw Us Coming
She Saw Us Coming
Cookie, Harriet, Carole & Gayle Tied for 1st and 2nd Flight C Gold Dust Teams
Cookie, Harriet, Carole & Gayle Tied for 1st and 2nd Flight C Gold Dust Teams
The Home of New Friends, Good Food and Fun Bridge

This club was formed to play bridge and more importantly to get a chance to know the people with whom we spend so much time.  To that end, we spend the afternoon competing  and afterwards meet for dinner.  Please join us.

2017 Mini-McKenney Race
2017 Ace of Clubs Race
Meet The Teacher
Learn How to Play Bridge

Meet The Teacher

Hi! I am Sarah Sentman. 

Introducing people to the fun and challenge of playing bridge is my passion.


American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) certified

American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA) Master Teacher

ACBL Certified Club Director

Better Bridge Certified

Gold Life Master

Teaching since 1998


A day without bridge is like a day without laughter. 

Introducing people to the fun and challenge of playing bridge is my passion. 

Welcoming new players into the family of bridge players is my reward.