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CMBA Player Achievements


     Keohane Individual Tournament in Newton:  Sharra Canan placed first in 'C'

     STAC Week (Jan):    Monday's Morning Game:  Paul Babineau and Alan Cooperman placed first in the District

                                   Tuesday's Morning Game:  Bruce Emond and Tony Wolf placed first in the District

                                   Wednesday's Afternoon Game:  Vicki Angus and Bruce Emond placed first in the District

                                   Thursday Afternoon Open Pairs:  Clayton Cox and Emily Gardner and Jean Fast and Bob Locano tied for first in the District

     Cromwell Regional Tournament:  Al Berg and Sharon Uusitalo won the Pro-Am event 

     EMBA Watertown Feb Sectional:   Sunday 299er Swiss:  Paul Babineau, Janet Latour, Deborah Ricci placed first in 'B'  

     EMBA Watertown April Sectional:  Saturday Open Pairs:  Maria and Marek Kawka placed first in both 'B' and 'C'

     Nashua Regional in June:  Gold Rush Thursday Swiss:  Jim Buss, Allen Nitschelm, Ashok Rao, Ed Roman placed first overall

                                           Saturday Flight B Pairs:  Arthur Hartling and Naresh Mehta placed first

                                           Sunday 0-1500 Swiss event:  Maria and Marek Kawka won this event playing with partners Barry Herring and Joseph Foster  

     Rainbow Regional in Sturbridge in April:  Friday Morning 299er Pairs:  Steve Kaufman and Jerry Starr placed first in 'C' 

                                            Flight  'C' GNT event:  Jim Buss, Clayton Cox, Allen Nitschelm, Ed Roman won this event which qualified them for GNT's held at the                                                                             Summer Nationals - they placed 3/4 overall in this event in which all 25 districts in the country participated  

     Hyannis Seniors Regional in April:  Thursday Senior Choice Pairs:  Vicki Angus and Bruce Emond won this event

     STAC Week (June/July):  Monday Morning:  Elaine Colomb and Sharon Uusitalo placed first in 'C' in the district 

                                          Monday Afternooon:  Alan Coop and Minna Gregerman placed first in 'B' in 0-300 event for the districtl 

                                          Tuesday Morning Open Pairs:  Bari Boyer and Joel Berman placed 1/2 in the district  as did Bob Loycan and Bruce Tedford

                                          Thursday Morning Open Pairs:  Harris Jacobs and Lorraine Konisky placed first in 'A' in the district

                                                                                        Jennifer Bradford and Joan Kuklinski placed first in 'B' in th district

                                          Thursday Evening Open Pairs:  Steve Goodman and Bob Juneau placed first in 'A' in the district

                                          Sunday Open Pairs:  Vicki Angus and Harris Jacobs placed first in 'A' in the district

                                                                         Marsha Addis and Sharon Uusitalo placed first in 'B' in the district

     Warwick Regional in August:  Thursday Open Swiss (A,X,Y):  Harris Jacobs and Lorraine Konisky placed first in X with partners, Jean Lieberman and Joan O'Connell






NEW NABC MASTER:  Virginia Kimball


NEW LIFE MASTERS:  Alan Cooperman; Ron Klein; Clayton Cox; Marsha Addis; Sharra Canan


NEW BRONZE LIFE MASTERS:  Alan Cooperman; Jim Culhane; Tim Pettus


NEW SILVER LIFE MASTERS:  Candy Matthew; Carol Perla


NEW RUBY LIFE MASTERS:  Howard Canan; Janice Carlson; Marilyn Chambers; Eugene Check; Balkrishna Dandekar; Neela Dandekar; 

                                          Larry Hanerfeld; Ray Hebert; Inger Lisa Kilcoyne; Naresh Mehta; Joseph Polansky; Bruce Tedford; Alice Weagle



NEW SAPPHIRE LIFE MASTERS:  Bob Casey; Bruce Emond; Harris Jacobs; Gerald Seixas


Names in Italics indicate recent achievement by these players to this rank