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STaC Week! 
STaC games (Sectional Tournaments at Clubs) are held at the BCA for all games, Monday, December 11 -Sunday, December 17. The entry fee for STaC games is $9.

Silver points are awarded at both the Club and District  levels.  Results from club games are sent to the District. Winners from the District level are announced within a few days. STaC game are stratified: C = NLM - 750, B = 750 - 2500, A = 2500+. Those players who win overall at the District level in all strats will be awarded additional masterpoints.

Austin December 199er Sectional results and photos--click here 

Unit 207 Lecture Series

Click here for Intermediate/Advanced lesson notes, compliments of Unit 207.

Unit 207 Lecture Series
Bridge Lessons

New Bridge classes start in January. Beginning Bridge --Thursdays, 7-9 pm. 1/11-3/8.  $140 tuition includes text.  Laura Delfeld, Instructor.  Play and Practice for Play of the Hand --Thursdays, 10-noon. 1/11-2/1.  $75 tuition includes text.  Gayle Moyers, Instructor. Play and Practice for Bidding--Saturdays, 10-noon. 1/13-1/27.  $75 tuition includes text.  Gayle Moyers, Instructor.  Play of the Hand --Saturdays, 10-noon. 2/3-4/7.  $140 tuition includes text.  Jack Lacy and Gayle Moyers, Instructors.  Defense --Thursdays, 10-noon. 2/8-4/12.  $140 tuition includes text.  Gayle Moyers, Instructor.  Bridge Basics 3: Bidding Tools --Mondays, 7-9 pm. 1/8-2/12.  $125 tuition includes text. Sally Sassen, Instructor. Bridge Basics 4: More Bidding Tools --Mondays, 7-9 pm. 2/19-4/2.  $125 tuition includes text. Sally Sassen, Instructor. 


Click here for more details. Register by clicking on the tab at top left of this webpage or by calling 512.300.2743.

Bridge Lessons

Austin Fall Sectional

Click here for results. 


Click HERE to listen to a radio interview (KUTX) with Simone Scumpia and Beth Tobias talking about the game of bridge.

BCA Guides

BCA Guides welcome new players to our club, providing information about games and how to find partners. Please click here to contact a BCA Guide. 

BCA Guides
Free Meals
Free Meals

Free pre-game meal every Wednesday evening 7:00 pm and every Friday morning 11:30 am.

Weekly E-newsletter


The BCA has a weekly E-newsletter to inform patrons of upcoming special games and events.  To subscribe, please email Mark 


Score Correction Policy

The procedure is for the player to e-mail the game Director with 1) the board number, 2)  the table number, and 3) the pair numbers for both NS and EW. The email must include CC:s to the opponents, the Club Manager Mark McAllister (, and the BCA (


Bridge Classes, including Beginning Bridge, start in January. To register, please complete the form below.  Your teacher will contact you shortly.   Thank you!