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Unit 207 Lecture Series

Beth Tobias will teach a free lesson on Saturday, February 23 at noon.  Topic: “Trump Management: To Pull or not to Pull, that is the Question"

Click here for Beth's flyer.

Click here for Intermediate/Advanced lesson notes, compliments of Unit 207.

Unit 207 Lecture Series

Click HERE to listen to a radio interview (KUTX) with Simone Scumpia and Beth Tobias talking about the game of bridge.

Free Meals
Free Meals

Free pre-game meal every Wednesday evening 7:00 pm and every Friday morning 11:30 am.

Score Correction Policy

The procedure is for the player to e-mail the game Director with 1) the board number, 2)  the table number, and 3) the pair numbers for both NS and EW. The email must include CC:s to the opponents and the Club Manager Mark McAllister (markmc888@gmail.com). If the correction is not obvious, at least one of the opponents must confirm via email. 24-hour time limit for corrections.

Welcome to the Bridge Center of Austin

Welcome to the Bridge Center of Austin where the best game in the world is alive and well. We offer a variety of friendly open, beginning/intermediate games and a full array of classes. All of our games feature pre-duplicated boards / hand records and tabletop scoring devices. Our address is 6700 Middle Fiskville Road. Zip code 78752. Please click on the information sidebars for more details or call 512.300.2743.


       Time to Try BCA Night Games  

BCA is working to make the night games (Monday Eve & Wednesday Eve) attractive to more people. Here are some of the changes:

  • Sign up for the games to ensure there are enough players
  • Guaranteed partners for both games
  • Ride-sharing available
  • All games begin at 7:00 p.m and end no later than 10:00 p.m. FREE MEAL Wednesday night before the game.
  • Mentors available for Novice/Intermediate players

If you are interested in playing, or would Iike to have a night-game mentor, or would just like to be added to the mailing list to get further information, please contact Bob Tyler Bob@tylercasteel.com.

Need a Partner?

If you need a partner for a BCA club game, call Robin Tucker at 512.917.1133 or email her at austinreztx@gmail.com.  Standby partners are also available at the following games. If you come without a partner, you must arriive at least 15 minutes before the start of the game, or before the lesson if there is a pre-game lesson.

Monday 0-100 game (10:30) 1 LM/Max (11:30)

Monday Eve Open game (7:00 pm)

Tuesday 0-500 game (10:30 am)

Wednesday 0-350 game (10:30 am)

Friday 0-20 game (1:00 pm)

Saturday 0-50 game (1:00 pm)


Free Play! 
Bring a bridge player new to the BCA and you will both play for free! 

The Common Game

Almost all pair game hands played at BCA are "Common Game" hands. Advantages are: Comparisons of results with players at many other clubs across the country, post-game analysis of many hands, "par" results specified, and personal "analytics" for individual players. Click Here to see recent BCA results.

Weekly E-newsletter

Weekly E-newsletter

The BCA has a weekly E-newsletter to inform patrons of upcoming special games and events.  To subscribe, please email Mark McAllister--markmc888@gmail.com. 


Sun February 24, 2019
Charity Game
1:30 PM Open Stratified TEAMS
Director: Jack Lacy
Tue February 26, 2019
Club Championship
10:30 AM 0-500 NLM/11:30 AM Open
Director: Sally Sassen/Kevin Perkins
Thu February 28, 2019
BCA Sectional
10:00 AM Open & 299er pairs; Swiss Teams (all single session)
Charity Game
ACBL Grass Roots Fund Game
Wednesday Morning Session