Spade Heart  Diamond Club
  1. Caterham Bridge Club is a members only Club.

  1. The table money at a play session includes County fees, English Bridge Union fees and Caterham Bridge Club Membership fees. Fees for Tuition sessions (including assisted play) include Club Membership Fees. Membership continues for one year from the last attendance.

  1. Membership of Caterham Bridge Club is contingent on being a member in good standing of the English Bridge Union. This can be arranged on arrival at a session.

  1. Players can be refused permission to play at any session at the discretion of the Club Management. If the capacity of a venue is reached the last players to arrive will be excluded.

  1. Play will be in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017. Players systems must conform to the EBU Blue Book Partnership Understandings Level 4.

  1. Any matter of conduct can be referred to the Conduct Committee of the Surrey County Bridge Association as well as the Laws and Ethics Committee of the EBU if the Club Management considers it appropriate to do so or if it is required by the rules of SCBA or the EBU.

  1. Membership may be terminated or suspended by the Club Management at any time should the conduct of any member in the opinion of the Club Management be injurious to the interests of Caterham Bridge Club or for violation of any rule or regulation of Caterham Bridge Club or for conduct deemed to be detrimental to the welfare, good order or character of Caterham Bridge Club and its members or for any other reason at the sole discretion of the Club Management.

  1. A member may terminate their membership at any time.