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Last updated :  29/09/2017
2017 Committee

President:   Paul O'Meara

Vice President:  Vacant

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt

Secretary: David Melody

ex Officio:  Richie Fallon

Points Secretary:  Jean Neary

Match Maker:   Noreen Fleming


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Ger Maher

Handicap System
Handicap Rules CBAI Recommendations

Handicap System.

We have held ten competitions over the past year where all grades were mixed.   Four of those competitions used handicaps based on each persons grade (i.e.  Masters -10% ; A1 -5%: A2  zero%; B1 – 5%; B2 -10%).   This was a short term handicap solution until we had better information to allow the introduction of a more equitable handicap.   This type of handicap fails to recognise that there are good and no so good players within each grade and takes no account of how long they are in each grade.    We have collated  the results from the ten mixed graded competitions to provide a more equitable handicap system based on performance.

The CBAI recommended method of handicapping is to base an individuals handicap on their  actual average performance over a period of time.   This average is deducted from the club “PAR” (i.e. PAR is the percentage it would normally take to win a competition and in Castleknock it is 60%,  nationally it is between 58% and 62%).    So if a player achieved  performance of say 48% over a number of competitions their handicap would be 60% less 48% = 12%.    The CBAI also recommend a maximum handicap of 22% and a minimum handicap of 0%.   In both Pairs & Teams competitions the combined handicaps of all team members are averaged.  

Over the past 12 months we played  ten mixed graded competitions and we have recorded each individuals performance and calculated their average performance which will determine their handicap in the forthcoming Teams competition.  Any player who has not played a minimum of 5 mixed competitions will be awarded the average for their grade.  

You may look up your performance in document Castleknock Handicap Results under News Articles.  Members have been grouped according to their garde,  If I have recorded your grade incorrectly …apologies but let me know.